Chamber of Fisheries seeks ICCAT assistance

Sea fishing professionals in the Mediterranean region are studying official initiatives to stem a major shortage of our maritime wealth due to the tyranny of the “ Red tuna and its destruction of other marine resources, in particular small pelagics (sardines, squid, prawns and lobsters).

Faced with this situation, the Mediterranean Chamber of Fisheries has decided to refer the matter to the International Commission for the Conservation of Tunas in the Eastern Atlantic and Mediterranean (ICCAT), in order to focus on the situation of “ Red tuna and its negative effects on national maritime wealth and social peace in the Mediterranean region.

correspondence, including MoroccoLatestNews UK holds a copy, called for experts to be dispatched to oversee a field study examining bluefin tuna reproduction. “What is happening is a serious threat to local fishing, especially given the scarcity of fish and the poor economic and social situation of professionals in the region”she points out.

The International Commission for the Conservation of Tunas had developed a strategy in 2007 which ends this year and which aims to restore the ” Red tuna in the Mediterranean, after its virtual extinction. But this has turned into a significant increase in numbers, which threatens the various other types of our maritime wealth.

In the same context, correspondence from the Mediterranean Chamber of Fisheries indicated that Morocco supported the plan to preserve the “ Red tuna since its inception, and opposed unauthorized anarchic fishing, “but this species has become a threat to fishing and negatively affects the different types of traditional fishing”.

Youssef Benjelloun, president of the Mediterranean Chamber of Fisheries, said he contacted the Organization for the Conservation of Tunas, and of which Morocco is a member alongside 50 other countries, noting that the Kingdom is currently awaiting a response in this regard after having recorded imbalances in fishery resources.

In a statement to MoroccoLatestNewsBenjelloun pointed out that the organization is primarily concerned with the preservation of tuna, swordfish, sharks and their families, as well as all surface fish that transit or settle, warning of the need the arrival of a scientific committee to determine the situation of bluefin tuna in the Mediterranean.

Benjelloun said the bluefin tuna, after its recovery, has become a great danger, especially in the Straits region, and threatens other fish due to its diet. Things even developed in a dangerous way, notes the official, noting that the tuna, after always being known to be a predator of surface fish, this time it moved to the bottom.

The president of the Mediterranean Chamber of Fisheries in Tangier noted that complaints from professionals in this regard are rationalized, stressing that Morocco is disciplined towards all applicable agreements. But if this situation continues, bluefin tuna will wipe out the rest of the fish species in the Mediterranean.


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