Casablanca police deny origin of video

A video showing an individual attacking a group of women at the entrance to a building recently made the rounds of the web. Opposing a categorical denial, the Casablanca police headquarters denounced fake news.

In a press release, the police headquarters of the city of Casablanca thus indicates that the message accompanying the video published on social networks is “false”.

The video shows a violent robbery scene targeting a group of women at the entrance to a building or a business. The comment indicates that the suspect would be an element of the police involved in these crimes taking place at the entrance to residences in Casablanca.

Research and investigations by the metropolitan police have made it possible to determine the identity of the attacker and the origin of the video relayed on the internet. According to the data that emerges, this video “does not in any way concern a Moroccan police officer, and the facts were not committed in Morocco”.

The police indicate that these criminal acts were committed in a European country and that the police of this country have opened an investigation and are looking for the suspect. The facts, moreover, date back to June and have been the subject of several press articles.

The elements of the national security of Casablanca have also indicated that they are in turn conducting research to identify the people involved in the publication of these lies, likely to compromise the feeling of security of the citizens.


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