"The call launched by the King shows great economic logic" (Political scientist)

In his speech to the Nation on the occasion of the 23rd anniversary of his accession to the Throne on Saturday, King Mohammed VI recalled the concerted efforts of the State and the public and private sectors, which have enabled the national economy to withstand crises and upheavals and thus achieve conclusive results in the various production sectors.

But this improvement was short-lived due to the international situation, stressed the Sovereign, noting that in addition to a modest agricultural campaign, exogenous factors led to a surge in the prices of certain basic necessities before specifying that this is of a problem that no country has escaped.

Aware of the repercussions of this situation on the living conditions of many groups of citizens, the King mentioned in his speech the launch of a national program to mitigate the impact of the drought on farmers and the rural population in addition to the orientations that it delivered to the government for the allocation of important credits for the subsidy of certain basic products and for it to ensure the supply of the markets in these products.

Referring to the Compensation Fund, whose budget doubled in 2022 to exceed 32 billion Dhs, the King called for the consolidation of national solidarity mechanisms and the determined and responsible fight against speculation and price manipulation.

Similarly, the Sovereign considered in his speech that we must also make the most of the opportunities and prospects opened up by these changes to attract more investment, stimulate exports and promote the national product.

In this sense, the King has committed the government as well as the political and economic spheres to offer more facilities to foreign investors who, in this international situation, choose our country, eliminating any obstacle they may encounter”, he specified.

Solicited byMoroccoLatestNews UKDriss Aisaoui, political scientist, raised the economic logic demonstrated by King Mohammed VI in his speech on the occasion of the Throne Day.

The King said watch out for the government. Look for foreign direct investment (FDI). This call from the King comes insofar as he considers that Morocco has reached a significant point of maturity in terms of the Moroccan economy and our investments, and that Morocco is very advanced.e”, analyzes Aissaoui. Our source thus cites several examples, such as the advances made in the fields of the automobile, aeronautics, information technologies and others.

All this means that Morocco is truly on a level that other countries cannot reach, argues the political scientist, noting that “if we want to continue in excellence, we must go in search of FDI, and ensure that our investments are more competitive than others“. According to him, “the appeal launched by the King demonstrates great economic logic“.

Still with regard to investment, Aissaoui argues that you cannot make a significant investment, bring in currency, to a country that gives no advantage to the investor.

This is why the political scientist qualifies this appeal from the King to the government of Aziz Akhannouch, as “pressing to say, wake up. You must serve the country and give the possibility to other investments to come and settle in our country which will become, or which has already become in my opinion, a country of great possibilities for the creation of wealth, on the scale of the Maghreb. and Africa in general“, he underlined.

Regarding Morocco’s African policy, Driss Aissaoui believes that it is “extremely intelligent“. It allowed Morocco, according to him, to “to settle among the African peoples in a modest way, of course, and at the same time very serious and serene, to say that Moroccans want Africa to be the best. And I think we’re on the right track“, he concluded.


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