"Dropped" by ministry, students from Ukraine "welcome" to Germany and Portugal

At the start of the war in Ukraine, more than 7,000 Moroccan students fled the conflict, hoping that their country would find a solution for them. Traumatized by what they have seen and experienced, these students have had several promises from the Ministry of Higher Education, in particular for their integration into faculties of medicine and other national universities, or their transfer to universities located in neighboring countries. from Ukraine. That said, none of these promises have so far been fulfilled.

Feeling ” released literally by the Ministry of Higher Education, supposed to find concrete solutions to their problem, most of these students have done their best to leave the country for other horizons, in search of similar profiles, to knowledge of future doctors and architects.

By contacting Osama. H, one of the 4th year dentistry students who fled Ukraine in February, the latter calmly informs us that he ended up leaving Morocco. ” I am in Germany, where I am taken care of and well settled “, he tells us.

The minister promised us a definitive answer after Aid Al-Adha. But what government official leaves the fate of a whole category of students in his hands for so long, without any return, knowing that registrations at universities, in Morocco and abroad, have already started and that after Aid, It is already too late“, explains our interlocutor.

After Minister Miraoui’s statement, Osama decided to take his destiny into his own hands and seek another solution on his own. » So I enrolled in the German program for the protection of refugees who fled Ukraine. After acceptance, they found me accommodation and they pay me some 350 euros per month to meet my needs. In the meantime, I am taking language courses while waiting for the start of the courses in Ukraine. At the end of my learning of the German language and my course in medicine, I will be able to do the equivalence in Germany and work here “, he tells us confident in a better future.

Osama’s case is not isolated. Several Moroccan students from Ukraine have chosen this option. In this sense, this future dentist explains to us that among the 7,000 Moroccan students, there are three categories. The first category is those who have chosen to stay in Morocco and fight with the ministry until a solution is found for them.

The 2nd category, he continues, is that which has chosen to return straight to Ukraine despite the war since there is nothing more to hope for in Morocco, due to the refusal of medical universities to welcome them.

The idea of ​​returning to a war zone sounds crazy. But these students, and their families have spent and invested hundreds of thousands of dirhams for their studies in Ukraine. It is therefore not easy for them to give up everything because of decisions that are long in coming. In my case, my family spent some 670,000 dirhams in 4 years. It is not easy. Suddenly, the idea of ​​abandoning everything and starting from scratch is not even an option.“, he tells us.

Finally, the third category is that which has decided to leave Morocco for other European countries, such as Germany, France, Romania or Portugal, which has begun to welcome several Moroccan students, facilitating their access to the territory.

Indeed, according to Osama, several students have heard of the protection process for refugees who fled Ukraine, launched by several European countries, including Portugal. The latter facilitates the reception of students and their integration by finding them accommodation and even a job until their problem is resolved.

In the end, this young future dentist deplored the way in which the supervising ministry managed all this business of the students forced to leave Ukraine and to interrupt their university course.

The countries of Europe have shown a great interest, which has no equal, towards students who have fled the war. We talk about a shortage of doctors and executives in Morocco, but it is with this irresponsible behavior to which we have been entitled over the past six months that we understand why Moroccan youth and executives leave their country and do not think more to come back. It is because countries that believe in people and their abilities take advantage of them and know how to motivate them to keep them“, he concludes.


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