An “agreement” found, no price increase

Three months ago, textbook publishers expressed their willingness to raise prices, due to skyrocketing prices for several raw materials, which led them into a long tussle with the government. Today, and thanks to an agreement between the two parties, publishers have started to gradually supply booksellers who are already preparing for the start of the 2022/23 school year.

According to information obtained by MoroccoLatestNewsthe meeting last Wednesday between officials from the Ministry of National Education and representatives of publishers made it possible to “calm things down and reconcile views” between the two parties, thanks to a relaunch of the distribution of textbooks in bookstores from last Thursday.

A source from the national education sector indicated that publishers have accepted the government’s offer to provide direct financial support to publishers in return for maintaining textbook prices. An offer that publishers have long refused before softening their position.

Thus, this agreement concluded between the publishers and the Executive means that the prices of textbooks will not be revised upwards, and will be sold at the same price previously approved.

In a statement to MoroccoLatestNews, a source from the Moroccan Association of Publishers confirmed that the government had promised players in the sector compensation in exchange for maintaining prices. This prompted publishers to deliver the textbooks to bookstores from Thursday and Friday, with a view to extending the process from Monday.

Moreover, the government did not specify the amount of this ” financial support“, which it will pay to publishers in exchange for maintaining textbook prices, our source points out, noting that “ the compensation is now in the hands of the administration“.

It should be recalled that towards the end of the 2022 school year, publishers had announced a 25% increase in the price of textbooks, justifying this approach by the increase in the price of raw materials. However, the government rejected the decision and started negotiations which delayed the supply of school books to booksellers, while the 2022-23 school year is less than three weeks away.

By the time the publishers have finally accepted the offer put forward by the government, they only have 50% of textbooks for the moment, while waiting to receive the rest, indicated Lahcen Moâtassim, member of the Professional Association editors from Morocco, noting that ” this will create pressure on bookstores, given the short period that separates us from the start of the school year“.


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