Algerian politician says he is ready to help reconciliation between Morocco and Algeria

A leader of a political party in Algeria has declared himself ready to help bring the Moroccan and Algerian authorities closer together following King Mohammed VI’s speech. But the latter issued two conditions, the main one being the severance of relations with Israel, which he describes as a “Zionist entity”.

In a post on his Facebook account, Abderrazak Makri, head of the Islamist-inspired MSP, wanted to show himself, unlike other personalities close to the Algerian regime or men of the same regime, ready to reconcile Algeria and Morocco, and thus respond favorably to the hand extended by King Mohammed VI, which Algerian officials have refused for several years.

“The statements made by the King of Morocco are good if there is nothing to contradict them”he began by affirming, before adding that“It would have been possible to resolve the existing problems between the two countries with patience, abstention, good intentions, positive measures on both sides and good management of the disputed files, however deep they may be “.

Makri added that the united Algerian and Moroccan peoples could also be involved in helping to overcome difficulties and helping those responsible for rapprochement.

However, the latter thus mixed his personal convictions, being an avowed anti-Israel, and those of the considerations of the Algerian state. He asserts that the Moroccan authorities would have “sapped” any possibility of reconciliation mainly because of its alliance with Israel.

According to him, “the normalization with the +Zionist+ entity and the betrayal of the Palestinian cause, with the intention of bringing the enemy geographically distant from us to our borders with their spies, weapons and corrupt and malicious schemes, and of us threaten directly from Moroccan lands” is an element that cannot reconcile the two countries.

And to pose his condition by affirming that“it is unimaginable to improve relations with the Moroccan regime unless he reverses normalization with the entity and giving sufficient evidence that he will not use the Zionist enemy or others (countries ) against Algeria”.

“If that happens, we will all do our duty to help solve our bilateral problems and pursue the dream of the Arab Maghreb, whatever the difficulties”he added.

Except that in fact, Algeria has always refused Morocco’s proposals to put an end to the disputes between them. Morocco has several times called on Algeria to discuss directly and frankly and without preconditions all the issues that come up against reconciliation and full understanding between the two countries.

The Sovereign himself addressed Algeria and the Algerian leaders to tell them that the kingdom was ready for its part to move forward and make a clean sweep of the past in order to offer the two peoples bilateral relations. at the height of their common history and their neighborhood.

The outstretched hands towards Algeria are numerous and date back several years. Requests for the reopening of the land borders between the two countries have been repeatedly launched towards Algerian officials and not only from the Moroccan authorities, but even from Moroccan personalities such as coach Baddou Zaki who addressed Abdelmadjid Tebboune then that he was not yet president.

None of these signals of appeasement or these generous invitations from Morocco found a response from the Algerian authorities who, on the contrary, never ceased to stress that Morocco was their ” enemy “ and treat it as such.

In fact, the use of Israel as a reason for “impossibility” of reconciliation is only a false excuse given that Algeria’s hostile position goes back long before the reestablishment of diplomatic ties with Israel, and at the time Abderrazak Makri had never shown any desire to bring the two countries closer .

In addition, the establishment of relations with Israel with Muslim countries has never posed a problem for Algeria since it maintains good relations with Egypt, Jordan, and Turkey… And Algeria should not not hold Morocco responsible for a statement made by an Israeli official.

Moreover, Morocco will not back down on a sovereign decision to have ties with Israel, to please an Algerian ruling class which has never shown positive signs towards Morocco, especially since this condition mentioned by the head of the MSP is interference in the internal affairs of Morocco.

Abderrazak Makri also mentioned a second obstacle to reconciliation between Algiers and Rabat, and he spoke of the “official speech of support for separatist parties which are agents of external forces and hate the linguistic and belief constants of the nation and threaten the stability and unity of our country”referring to a statement by Morocco’s permanent ambassador to New York, Omar Hilale, in favor of Kabylie’s autonomy, which was in response to an attack by his Algerian counterpart on the Moroccan Sahara.

The Algerian politician who spoke of support for separatists in his country, which was only spoken once, evaded the fact that his country has created and funded separatism in Morocco for almost 50 years. These same separatists whom he describes as “threat to stability and unity” of the country are housed in Algeria in the Tindouf camps and are paid by the Algerian taxpayer to threaten the territorial integrity of Morocco by seeking to seize its Sahara.

“If we want to be positive, we will say that the reassuring speech launched by the King of Morocco expresses his retraction vis-à-vis the declarations of the Moroccan ambassador to the United Nations called Omar Hilale, but all this will not make sense. » if Morocco does not reconsider its decision to have ties with Israel, concluded Makri, even if in fact, Algeria has refused any form of direct discussion with Morocco to improve their relations during the past 30 years and the facts alleged by the head of the MSP date back less than 2 years.


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