Algerian hacker targets FSDM website

During the night from Friday to last Saturday, the website of the Dhar El Mahraz University of Sciences in Fez (FSDM) was the victim of one of these cyberattacks from Algeria and this time, from a young Algerian hacker. Since then, the site has been absent subscribers and whispers to anyone who hears its deep disapproval.

This act, by the nationality of its author, gives a political connotation to this attack. These offensives or aggressions, although they are increasing, remain however very infrequent even if between Algerian and Moroccan hackers, there are certain affinities as to wandering through the web from all angles. These net scoundrels often work together or in pairs when the cause is different. The fact remains that hacking the website of a Moroccan university by an Algerian hacker could be interpreted differently. This offensive is defined by “exploiting a vulnerability with malicious intent is generally targeted to demonstrate one or more weaknesses of an asset”.

This is not the first time that Algerian and Moroccan websites have been targeted by attacks. Even before the political crisis that arose between the two countries in August 2021, several Algerian websites were the subject of attacks by Moroccan hackers. Vice-versa, it’s the same thing on the Moroccan side, where many sites are regularly targeted by attacks from Algerian hackers.

In December 2020, several Algerian sites, some of which belong to government agencies and institutions, were the target of Moroccan cybercriminal attacks. The hackers presented themselves as members of the “MorrocanHackTeam Neige Ma” or the “Morrocan revolution hacker’s” as two months earlier, when the website of the Algerian Ministry of Health had tasted their little care. For this last attack, that of Fez, the toddler of the Algerian net took advantage of his nocturnal walk on the FSMD site to take away, by puffing out his chest please, with him the pretty booty of three million lines of data, including e -mails and passwords.

Do we ever know ? They could be used for other cyberattacks in the mad digital stealth race they lead among themselves. In the meantime, our hacker signed his “exploit” under the nickname “1337_ H4xDrs_Dz” and left an Algerian flag captioned “No peace between the systems”. Deja vu. Indeed, this same modus operandi was used in November 2021, on the official website of the Moroccan General Confederation of Moroccan Enterprises (CGEM). Its author had left the same signature and had also affixed an Algerian flag with an identical legend. : “No peace between the systems”.

Well then ! we are not going to reinvent lukewarm water when it already exists, we just have to draw from it. Such is the professionalization of online crime. But our budding or hay hackers also know how to perfectly make up traces to better pass themselves off as others, just to drown the fish. Where is the score already?


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