Aid to countries within reach of the "Iranian threat", including Morocco

The United States will grant financial support as military aid to countries, including Morocco, which would be under “the direct or indirect threat of Iranian missiles and drones for the fiscal year 2023”. This is, no more and no less, support to thwart the use of the latter that Hezbollah delivers regularly to the Polisario separatist movement via Algeria.

As part of its policy to combat the Iranian threat, which today extends to the Maghreb, the American administration presented, within the framework of the 2023 budget bill, a proposal aimed at supporting a fund of 6 billion dollars, the six countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council, as well as Morocco, Egypt, Jordan and Sudan.

These countries are considered to be within range or threatened by missiles and drones used directly by the Iranian military Pasdarans or indirectly by militias and terrorist groups affiliated with the ayatollahs’ regime, reports the electronic platform of La Razon quoting a local media .

The inclusion of Morocco in the list of beneficiaries of this fund is for “the tangible evidence presented by Morocco in various international meetings and forums, confirming the existence of an Iranian-Algerian rapprochement with a view to training the Polisario militia, under the command of instructors made available by the Lebanese Hezbollah “.

It goes without saying that “these military relations between the polisario and Hezbollah, listed as a terrorist group by the American administration, are of course coordinated and financed by the embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Algiers“, is it still added.

It is therefore on the basis of the revelation of the Algiers-Tehran axis and their accomplices of the Polisario-Hezbollah that the American Senate published this draft budget relating to military expenditure and aid for the year 2023, in which a new chapter is devoted to supporting countries threatened by Iran and its foreign militias.

Thus, in its section “Foreign Military Financing” (FMF), or “Foreign Military Financing”, the report of the American Congress on the 2023 budget law includes a chapter which provides for the establishment of an “architecture” of defense against -Iranian in the Middle East and Morocco.

By “proxy militias”, the Americans qualify the numerous foreign militias created and supported by Iran, particularly active in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Lebanon and in southwestern Algeria, where Hezbollah forms the Polisario Front, which through this dangerous liaison, clearly confirms the relationship between separatism and terrorism as denounced during the meeting of the World Coalition against Daesh, organized by Marrakech last May.

The Lebanese Shiites of Hezbollah are armed by Iran and, on the other hand, the members of the Polisario, are armed, financed and hosted by Algeria.

Also, the new American military aid to Morocco confirms that Algeria has now become the executor of the Iranian military and diplomatic agenda in the Maghreb and within the Arab League itself. Its attempts to involve Syria in the next Arab summit scheduled for Algiers testify to this, as does its transformation of the Rabouni camps (polisario) into an advanced military base for Iran, not far from the Algerian-Moroccan border.

As a reminder, Morocco had severed its diplomatic relations with Iran a little over four years ago (May 1, 2018), accusing it of arming the separatist movement, via its ally, Hezbollah, the Shiite movement Lebanese.

The kingdom ” has irrefutable evidence, identified names and specific facts that corroborate this connivance between the Polisario and Hezbollah against the supreme interests of the country”said the Minister of Foreign Affairs for African Cooperation and Moroccans Living Abroad, Nasser Bourita.


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