A year of rupture and Algiers continues to pull on its old nationalist strings

It’s been a fact lately, and with all due respect to the regime in Algiers, the main state support of the separatist movement, since in the East of Eden, diplomatic listening was cut off a year ago with the Kingdom, Western and Arab governments have come closer to Morocco’s positions and discourses on its territorial integrity.

And even worse, last March, Spain, a former colonial power in the Sahara, approved the Moroccan autonomy plan of 2007, thus aligning its positions with those of Rabat. And the Algiers regime to enrage even more. Indeed, seven months earlier, it had severed its relations with another no less strategic neighbour, Morocco. Hence the big risk of harming relations between Algeria and the European Union (EU).

As a result, the Algiers regime took a series of punitive measures by way of reprisals and go ahead and let me remind you of my ambassador in Madrid, suspend the treaty of friendship and cooperation signed with Spain in 2002 and that I give you a new brake on relations between the two countries, after the reduction by Algeria, at the beginning of May, of almost a quarter of gas deliveries to Spain. The regime in Algiers wanted to punish Spain for supporting Morocco, but the Algerian capos were actually attacking the EU since Spain is an influential member.

That said, the situation between Morocco and Algeria also continues to deteriorate due to the deeply bellicose, hateful and aggressive attitude of the regime of the capos of Algiers towards the Kingdom. No need to harp on everything (closure of the Maghreb-Europe gas pipeline (GME), airspace, Gara Djebilat, El Arja, etc.). And, Algiers even outbid and officially to try to legitimize its diplomatic cocooning ” continuation of provocations and hostile practices on the part of Morocco “, we had indicated formerly, without giving with precision the nature of these “provocations” which have, in fact, never existed.

MoroccoLatestNews.fr to get an idea “who benefits from the crime in a way”, had a casual interview with the Vice-Dean in charge of scientific research, cooperation and partnership FSJES-Souissi, Teacher researcher in Political Science at Mohammed V University in Rabat, Abdelaziz Karraky which immediately points out the culprits. ” Those who benefit the most from this rupture are obviously the Algerian military oligarchs and those who revolve in orbit, finally those who make or have made a fortune following the social explosion which deposed the Bouteflika clan and who today, plunder the resources of Algeria which is currently living in a period of transition. Indeed the Algerian government is full of uncertainties in the face of Hirak, the future of which is difficult to assess after the long sleep of Covid-19.“.

The Doctor of State of Law then explains:By severing its relations with Rabat, Algiers is pulling on old nationalist strings and finding itself a scapegoat that allows it to divert attention from the social crisis in the country by pointing out to the entire population a common, external enemy. “. Who better then, than the Kingdom?

But not that, according to Abdelaziz Karraky, ” there are other States which benefit from this rupture. France, for example, or at least a category of its elite, derives a certain advantage from this rupture and is busy complicating the situation even more in order to take advantage of it. This rupture pushed Algerian society to import more from France. It wouldn’t have summer the case if relations with Morocco and Algeria had been good. But were they really one day? It is a minority in France who take advantage of these rather complicated situations and who push for them to be even more so. “.

Moving on to another aspect, the professor and researcher in political science affirms that he expects only the worst from Algiers. ” Because for the capos opposite, Morocco must change its regime, relying in this on Nasser’s ideology which itself finds its raison d’être in the doctrine of Atatürk, namely to eliminate all the monarchies of the Arab world in favor of military junta regimes. It succeeded in Libya, in Sudan, in Yemen… In this context Algeria gave itself the reason to succeed in Morocco and this since the war of the sands of 1963 where it suffered a crushing defeat which remains across it. from the throat to the present day ».

Not going with a dead hand, he explains: “All the armies of the world draw their symbolism and their subconscious from the history of their wars and defeats and victories to forge themselves. But the Algerian Army had only one war (1963) and it ended in a crushing defeat. So whatever Morocco does, it will forever remain the black beast and the sworn enemy of Algiers, if only for that “.

And Abdelaziz Karraky to continue in this spirit / ” When someone has a conviction it is very difficult to make him change his mind. To simplify, it’s like bringing a wolf into the sheepfold. We can never hope that one day Algiers will be able to treat us as a neighboring country with which we can have healthy neighborly relations that the Algerian authorities only maintain when there are situations of crisis or weak ‘where another, let’s say more positive, look at us from the political elite. But when they are supposedly well and the oil money is flowing and a jackpot spared, their only hobby is looking for trouble and harming Morocco.“.

Our only strength beyond alliances based on everyone’s interests, continues the researcher, is ” the link that has always united the people to the monarchy for centuries, which Algeria must absolutely understand“.


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