A timid drop of one dh is expected this Sunday evening

It is expected that prices at the pump will drop by one dirham, from this Sunday evening, in several service stations, according to several sources.

According to data obtained by MoroccoLatestNewsgasoline prices will drop between 1.01 and 0.48 dirham per liter, depending on the station, while unleaded gasoline prices will drop between 0.35 and 0.75 dirham .

In a statement to MoroccoLatestNewsJamal Zrikem, president of the National Federation of Service Station Managers and Owners (FGNPS), explained that “ this expected drop is mainly due to the drop in the sale price of a barrel of oil recorded on the world market”. Indeed, the price of a barrel of oil on the international market has fallen to almost 90 dollars.

The President of the Federation thus underlined that “ recent increases in fuel prices in general have taken place in a context marked by the rise in the international market of the prices of these products “.

Earlier, Jamal Zrikem had confirmed to MoroccoLatestNews that this price increase harms service stations in Morocco, as well as the consumer, due to the high cost of this substance, noting that ” the profit margin of the stations remains limited and fixed, because of the exorbitant prices, hence the discomfort they are going through today to ensure their sustainability”.

At the end of July, fuel prices rose remarkably. The price of gasoline had exceeded the bar of 16 dirhams per liter in some stations, in the capital of the Kingdom in particular, while the price of gasoline stabilized at around 17.80 dirhams per litre.

Recently, Bank Al-Maghrib predicted a value of the country’s energy bill of around 122.4 billion dirhams for the current year, due to the rise in the price of petroleum products imported from abroad.

Faced with the successive rise in prices, the government decided last March to provide exceptional direct financial support to road transport professionals, with the aim of avoiding the impact of fuel prices on road transport services, and protect the purchasing power of citizens. However, inflation indicators clearly show the impact of the hike.


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