a market boosted by the Achoura festival

A festival awaited by young and old alike, Achoura, celebrated on the night of the tenth day of Moharram, the first month of the Hijri calendar (hijri), is a golden opportunity for dried fruit traders.

Called “Fakia” in Moroccan dialect, dried and candied fruits are a “must” on the tables of Moroccan families keen to celebrate Achoura as tradition dictates.

For this occasion, merchants prepare in advance to renew their stocks and display their merchandise to attract an increasingly demanding clientele.

If before, the offer was limited, today it is diversified and above all meets all budgets. Between almonds, pistachios, chickpeas, cashews, dates, raisins… the market is well stocked.

“Customers are increasingly asking for coated dried fruit or dehydrated (dried) fruit such as kiwi or mango”, says Driss, a vendor in the old Medina of Rabat.

“I make mixes for all budgets, according to everyone’s budget. Some customers are satisfied with essential dried fruits such as almonds, chickpeas, dates, etc., while some can afford slightly more expensive varieties”explained Driss.

On the price side, this seller reports a price increase due in particular to soaring freight and energy prices, which has had an impact on retail prices.

“Despite the increase in prices observed, it is essential for me to please the members of the family on this occasion of Achoura”said Laila, executive within a company.

For her, the offer is varied. The customer can compose his basket according to his budget. The most important thing is to spend moments of sharing and conviviality with family.

For her part, a client accompanied by her two children believes that this event is an unmissable opportunity to please her little ones.

“Achoura is a sacred holiday for us. It offers us moments of joy and reunion with the family,” she let know.

The supermarkets do not miss this opportunity to display all the varieties of dried fruits, local and imported, to satisfy all tastes.

On the other hand, brands specializing in the sale of dried fruits take advantage of this festival to offer “packages” packed.

Between artisanal baskets, decorated plates or taarija, these brands do not hesitate to innovate to attract an upscale clientele.

“Customers looking for quality, design and hygiene prefer to buy from us”explains Nadia, manager of a brand specializing in the sale of dried fruits.

“We compose packs at the request of the customer, with the quantity and variety they want”she said, noting that her brand also does home delivery and online sales safely.

And even digitization has mingled with this market, the number of online sales platforms and sites for these goods constantly growing and offering various services, including home delivery and e-payment.


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