A documentary film by Hussein Hanin which deciphers the symbols of Amazigh tattoos

Directed by Mohamed Zeghou, producer Hussein Hanin has just announced the end of the shooting of his documentary film ” Tagzzayt » in which he tries to decipher the meanings and symbols of tattoos, and digs into the history and identity of the designs on the bodies of Amazigh women.

Filmed in different regions of the Kingdom, the documentary film ” Tagzzayt deconstructs the meanings and symbols of tattoos. In a statement, the producer explains that a girl with a tattoo, is a sign that distinguishes adult women from young people, and their ability to bear the burdens of married life, enduring the pain of tingling.

Since the sixties and seventies of the last century, tattoos began to gradually disappear, and the last generation that wears these symbols on their bodies has become the generation of grandmothers, Hussein Hanin explains in a statement, noting that his documentary » carries the last characteristics of the memory of tattoos in Morocco through the warm stories of grandmothers, a memory and a culture that lasted for centuries, and which began to disappear with their departure “, he confided.

» Today, many Amazigh women who have face tattoos work hard to remove it. After becoming aware of it, they consider it as a sign that deforms their face and no longer beautifies it as before. The prohibition of this habit by Islam has pushed many of them to withdraw it, in particular by the laser technique, while those who cannot afford it continue to live with it until their bodies tattooed die, witnessing a custom that has become a thing of the past“, explains the producer.

Thus, the team of this documentary film chose to shoot in different regions of Morocco, explains the same source. The trip therefore started in the Ait Sgrochen tribes, passing through Khemisset, Tiflet, Khenifra, Al Hoceima, Tinghir, Château Mgouna, then Taroudant.


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