A competition for young people in the neighborhoods to win a trip to the World Cup

Fruit of a partnership agreement, Mohamed Mehdi Bensaïd, Minister of Youth, Culture and Communication, and Faouzi Lekjaa, President of the Royal Moroccan Football Federation (FRMF), signed the launch of a National Line neighborhood teams (Futsal), Monday August 1, organized starting August 15.

titled ” The Road to the World Cup “, this is a football competition that will take place in the different provinces and regions of the Kingdom in football (male and female), in order to select two teams that will go to support the national teams, respectively, in the final of the World Cup scheduled for November 2022 in Qatar, and the annual FIFA World Cup in Australia and New Zealand in 2023.

This competition, comes support the practice of sport by young people and the influence of the action of the institutions of the ministry at the national level” and aims, according to the ministry, to support the national football team’s sixth participation in the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, as well as the women’s team’s first participation in the World Cup next year “, without forgetting to mention ” the gender approach in the practice of football, establishing the principle of volunteerism and the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals represented mainly by good health, well-being and gender equality “.

Regarding the conditions of participation, a short video broadcast on the occasion showed that this league “ will be open to male and female players aged 18-29, rural and urban “. ” VSEach team will consist of six main players and three reserve players, in addition to a coach and an administrative manager » and the submission of applications was launched for the benefit of volunteers wishing to contribute to the organization of this competition.

The organizers of the competition have specified that the meetings of this football league will be organized for both sexes in different prefectures and regions, and in three phases. This is a first knockout phase at local and regional level, followed by regional and national knockout matches with the aim of crowning a men’s team that will travel to support the national team at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. , and a women’s team that will support the recently qualified Women’s National Team’s participation in the 2023 World Cup Finals in Australia and New Zealand.

The Minister of Youth underlined, on the sidelines of the signing of the agreement in Maâmoura, that it is a “ initiative that expresses the involvement of his ministry in the efforts of daily revitalization of youth in cities, villages and all regions of the Kingdom ”, noting that its most important objectives are related to “ the revival and strengthening of relations between Moroccan youth and the national teams representing the Kingdom in the football forums of the World Cup “.

This fits “as part of the national campaign organized by the ministry to support Moroccan participation in these international football events, by allowing young people to have the opportunity to accompany the national teams during the phases of these major football events”added the Minister of Youth noting that “ precious prizes await the winners at the various stages of the championship competition “.

The same government official confirmed, in his statement, that the period preceding the organization of this international football competition (two and a half months) remains ” sufficient for the success of the World Cup Parade League through cultural and sports programming that puts young people at the heart of the event “.

For his part, Fouzi Lekjaa indicated, in a brief speech before the signing of the agreement, that the Royal Moroccan Football Federation remains involved in the workshops accompanying the teams and the national selections, while emphasizing the efforts aimed at encouraging the practice of football, noting the role of the Ministry of Youth and Culture in this regard, by creating “ an integrated sectoral coherence that places young people at the center of sporting events “.

The match system planned for the competition requires that it be held in the sports stadiums of the Ministry of Youth. The sports halls and playgrounds of the Ministry of National Education, Primary Education and Sports, or local authorities may also be used.

The timing of each match is set at 40 minutes divided into two halves for men, and 30 minutes divided into two halves for women, while Futsal rules (5 players) have been adopted.


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