42nd Hassan II Prize for Manuscripts: Open applications

The submission of applications for the 42nd edition of the Hassan II Manuscript Prize for the year 2022 has been launched and will continue until September 15, the Department of Culture announced on Friday.

In a press release, the ministry specifies that the price includes manuscript books (books, personal notes, scientific notebooks, fatwas, correspondence, collections of poems, music groups, Malhoun songs and manuscripts written in Arabic, Amazigh and Hassani languages) and handwritten documents (Cherifian Dahirs, official or personal correspondence, legal acts, accounting register, genealogical certificates, etc.).

The Hassan II Prize for Manuscripts is made up of encouragement prizes awarded in the twelve regions of the Kingdom worth 30,000 DH, and the Grand National Prize, worth 100,000 DH, awarded to the best manuscripts that have won the prizes. of encouragement.

A specialized scientific committee will be responsible for reviewing and evaluating the manuscripts and participating documents, the statement said, adding that the ministry is committed to guaranteeing the integrity of the manuscripts and participating documents until their return to their owners after scanning.

The registrations are deposited with the regional directorates of culture against a receipt, notes the same source, noting that each registration must be accompanied by the exact information relating to its holder, particularly the name, the first name, the number of the Identity card national, address, profession, telephone number, e-mail address, as well as a copy of the bank account details (RIB), including the name of the bank branch and the city.

It should be noted that the Hassan II Prize for Manuscripts, created in 1969, has the main purpose of contributing to the collection of manuscript heritage owned by Moroccan families, in order to digitize it and deposit its copies with the National Library of the Kingdom of Morocco. (BNRM) and the Archives of Morocco, in addition to raising awareness among families in possession of this heritage as to its intellectual and symbolic importance.


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