With an average of 19.44 at the baccalaureate, Zaid Lahroussi still hesitates between medicine, engineering and agricultural sciences

The student Zaid Lahroussi, obtained 19.44/20 in the baccalaureate exams for the year 2022, the best general average for the Bac nationally. He says he did not expect to reach this rank which allowed the region of Casablanca to be ranked first in Morocco.

A student at the Berrada private school in Ain Chock, Zaid Lahroussi confided in MoroccoLatestNews on the very honorable average he obtained in the Baccalaureate this year. ” Frankly, I expected a good average, but to be ranked first nationally is an unimaginable feeling“, he expressed, before specifying that his family had informed him of the result he had obtained and that they were proud of this achievement.

Regarding the future academic career of this brilliant Moroccan student, Zaid tells us that he has not yet made his choice, especially since there are entrance exams to schools and faculties that will have to be passed. But he thinks he probably sees himself in the faculty of medicine, engineering or agricultural sciences.

For her part, Latifa Malef, the regional director of National Education for Casa-Setta, confirmed that ” obtaining the best average at the national level would not have been possible without the efforts of the educational body and the families of the students“.

In a statement to the electronic journal MoroccoLatestNewsthe manager noted that “ the conditions of preparation that these students went through were not normal, because they lived through the pandemic and all its repercussions” , but ” despite this, they obtained good results at the level of the AREF of Casablanca-Settat “.

The result obtained at the level of the region is no coincidence and confirms that education is going well, estimated the official at the MEN, adding that this consecration ” highlights the involvement of the academy in the national education reform system“.

The Casablanca AREF obtained good results, with 52.46% of the graduates having obtained their baccalaureate with honors, and this comes down to the seriousness of the educational frameworks, as well as the support in which it is involved and which gave this result “, she confided.

To return to Zaid Lahroussi who ranked first at the national level, the MEN official indicated that the student ” has a good background and a good education, which would allow him to access any establishment of his choice “.

It should be noted that the Regional Directorate of the Ministry of National Education at the level of Ain Chock in Casablanca ranked first at the national level in the results of the baccalaureate, thanks to the student Zaid Lahroussi, who continued his studies in Physics – French option, and which obtained the highest national average of 19.44, while in the regional examination, it had obtained a 19.52.


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