When an Algerian terrorist pretends to be an illegal migrant

A leader of an Algerian terrorist group financing terrorism in North Africa has been arrested in Spain pretending to be an illegal immigrant. At a time when the Algerian Harragas are arriving in droves towards the Spanish coast this summer, the debate on their terrorist affiliation is more than ever posed.

The facts occurred last July. The one named ‘Bunduqia’, the rifle, is a 30-year-old Algerian. He arrives in Almería aboard a makeshift boat like an ordinary illegal immigrant.

It arrives with more than 10,000 illegal immigrants in Andalusia, many of whom have followed the Algeria-Almería route.

Except that the latter was carrying huge quantities of banknotes on him, hidden in his underwear. Al Bundouqia was one of the main agents financing the deployment of terrorism in Algeria but also throughout the North African part.

He was in charge of recruiting people to join the Algerian jihadist cell JAK-A, Jund al-Khilafa. It was dedicated to feeding fighters and financing violent radical groups operating in Libya, facilitating their transfer to areas of the country controlled by terrorist factions linked to Al-Qaeda.

He was also one of those responsible for promoting the Algeria-Balearic route, leading various groups dedicated to the trafficking of illegal immigrants. With the money from this trade, he financed the sending of fighters to Libya from Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia, indicates the expert in migration policy, Ruben Pulido for Okdiario.

A month after his arrival, he was arrested after investigation by the Spanish secret services, which tracked him down. He was then deported to Algeria where he is now in prison. Algiers had issued a search and arrest warrant against him several years ago.

The dangerousness of this Algerian jihadist cell JAK-A founded in 2014 is explained by its links with Daesh and Al-Qaeda. It facilitated, prepared and committed several terrorist acts carried out for the Islamic State, which earned it its classification in 2015 on the list of organizations linked to Daesh and Al-Qaeda.

This group is best known for the kidnapping and then beheading of French tourist Hervé Gourdel in September 2014. JAK-A also claimed responsibility for attacks against Algerian police and continued to plan armed actions, including a double terrorist attack at two airports Algerians foiled by the country’s security agents


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