When Algeria camouflages its flaws with a military parade

For the 60th anniversary of its independence after 132 years of French colonization, Algeria organized this July 5 the most spectacular military parade in its short history. ” This is a message to the Moroccan neighbor and rival “, will say a French media” but also, a show of force intended to hide the weaknesses of the country “.

If this day wants to be the anniversary of the date of independence of Algeria, it also marks that of the massacre of Oran when the party turned into the hunt for Europeans and that between 10:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. hours of July 5, 1962, 700 European civilians were massacred during a “beaten battle”.

Sixty years later, the wound is still sensitive, but the desire to strengthen “already strong ties” is present on the side of the French president, Emmanuel Macron, author of a letter addressed to his Algerian counterpart, with an unpronounceable name. But it is known that France, whatever the degree of its relations with the Algerian regime or regimes, will remain the eternal enemy, just like Morocco for that matter.

Spain recently appeared on the list, “blacklisted” and for good reason, O crime of lèse-majesté, it dared to use the terms ” serious and credible to the Moroccan autonomy proposal for the Sahara rather than self-determination” vainly advocated by the two senile Muppet show made in Algeria and their henchmen of the polisario. She has paid for it since Pedro Sanchez called the “thing” so.

Algiers decided, in the first week of June, to break off all commercial relations with this country, suspending the ” friendship treaty dating back more than 20 years, after recalling its ambassador as a sign of dissatisfaction.

The teacher-researcher at the University of Pau, Jamal Bouoiyour, in an analysis published by Marianne sums it up well, “the frantic quest for fantasized enemies and the exaltation of a tribal nationalism of Algerian power constitute a singularly obsolete policy”. It is true that it dates! but what do you want, when two senile people are in charge of a state, what can we expect? And the University to wonder, ” What if France decided one fine day to follow in Spain’s footsteps? And if Italy did the same, what would Algeria do? ? “.

Well, we’ll laugh out loud, already that Algeria has voluntarily isolated itself by closing its borders, west, east, north and south, – this boiling cardinal for the time being does not seem to worry Algiers too much. ” Ruptures with natural partners are to be compared with the deep relations that the Algerian regime maintains with notorious dictatorships, having their napkin ring à la Mouradia, such as Venezuela, whose President Maduro was recently received with great fanfare.“, we will observe.

But we saw with regard to the parterre of heads of state present at the military parade of the regard paid to Algeria, they could be counted on the fingertips of one hand and were summed up in the President of Ethiopia, Sahle-Work Zewde, the Tunisian President, Kaïs Saïed, the President of the State of Palestine, Mahmoud Abbas and the President of Niger, Mohamed Bazoum.

However, the teacher-researcher will say again, there are still nagging questions that deserve to be asked: what does the Algerian citizen think of all this noise? What are Algerian businessmen saying? What credibility for this country which ardently seeks to attract foreign investment? and who padlocks we would be tempted to say. The academic will recall that Algeria, which derives most of its income from oil, which represents two thirds of the state budget.

Except that Algeria has failed to take advantage of this windfall to diversify its economy. Oil constitutes 96% of exports, sixty years after the independence of this country. Investment goes to industry (oil) and away from agriculture. Logically, this country imports half of its food needs, which weakens it in the event of a drop in oil prices. We can bluntly say that this is a bitter failure. It is wise policy to hide from the conscience of the people a problem that is becoming a little too embarrassing.

And to say more about the cynicism of the Algerian president with an unpronounceable name who “ does not hesitate to take a few arrows from its quiver to target its arch-rival, Morocco, arguing that the latter has restored its relations with “Zionist entity”. Since then, Algeria has barred its airspace to Moroccan planes and severed diplomatic relations with the latter.. And always this fear of borders! But, Israel, it’s far, isn’t it? Regardless, the‘“Zionist enemy” is at the gates of Algeria ».

And to wonder, why the hell does Algeria not recall its ambassadors to the Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt, countries that have all signed peace treaties with Israel? Will understand. And Jamal Bouoiyour concludes, “ The frantic quest for fantasized enemies and the uproarious exaltation of tribal nationalism, with the intention of establishing the legitimacy of power, could be considered superfluous for a breathless regime that cannot hide its repeated failures and his inability to create the right conditions for the prosperity of his people “. For us, no comment! Everything is summarized here.


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