Weather conditions may complicate an already difficult situation

Forecast temperatures in Morocco tend towards a rise in mercury. Intense, stifling heat should cover several provinces of the kingdom, and this could once again favor forest fires which have already been ravaging the country for 5 days.

Morocco is experiencing a particular situation this summer, very intense heat has taken hold of several cities, from the north to the Saharan provinces.

And if the weather shows in some cases, temperatures that seem normal for the season, in reality, the feeling of the population is quite different. Temperatures of 35 degrees are felt almost 10 degrees warmer by reports.

In Casablanca, the temperatures will reach a maximum of 32 degrees, Nador will reach 36 degrees as the highest average during the next few days, the same value for Tangier which will experience a complicated week.

The city of Fez is already under 43 degrees this Sunday and will experience a week where the mercury will not remain stuck between 40 and 41 degrees, same value for Errachidia. Oujda for its part will reach 44 degrees next week.

Up to 40 degrees for Agadir for the next few days, 39 for Laayoune, milder temperatures in Dakhla with 34 degrees as the maximum for the season. Marrakech will experience the most intense heat. While it is 44 degrees on Sunday, temperatures will rise to 47 degrees over the next few days.

This year, while Morocco is experiencing an unprecedented period of drought, the inhabitants are feeling the blow. But the deterioration of their living conditions is felt at several levels, in particular because of an increase in the price of agricultural products, or even water resources which are dwindling in several provinces.

Climate change is beginning to have tangible repercussions for the inhabitants and this initially involves scorching temperatures throughout the day and continuing into the evening, but also by the risk of forest fires.

In recent days, several municipalities in the Kingdom have been the scene of devastating fires in the forests near homes. The charred body of a person was found near Larache, and thousands of families were evacuated.

The impressive photos of flames reaching tens of meters along the trees of an urban forest, a few meters from a residential area and in front of hundreds of idle residents, have gone around social networks.

These fires have destroyed nearly 1,500 hectares of forest cover in total since they started less than a week ago. It’s been almost 5 days that the fight teams have been hard at work to put out the flames in the north which is burning under a beating sun.

They are nearly 500 men from different units, all mobilized in each of the 5 forest fires not yet mastered, in the midst of Aid Al Adha. The high heat and the strong wind from the Chergui are what continue to rekindle the flames.

According to sources within the Department of Water and Forests, the causes of these fires are inevitably human, whether intentional or caused by inadvertence.


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