US World Trafficking Report, Morocco on the Right Track

The United States Department of State in a report devoted to the situation of human trafficking in the world (2022) indicated that the government of Morocco does not fully meet the minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking, despite efforts important that he agrees. However, the Kingdom is demonstrating increasing overall efforts compared to the previous reporting period, given the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on its counter-trafficking capacity.

Consequently, Morocco therefore remained at level 2 out of the three existing colors in the company of countries “whose governments do not fully respect the minimum standards, but make great efforts to achieve them” such as Egypt, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, United Arab Emirates, Tunisia, Turkey… For this purpose, countries like Russia, China, Yemen, Syria… are in “the red level”.

Bahrain is in this regard the only Arab country to appear in the “green” level, that “of governments fully meeting the minimum standards of the law to eliminate trafficking in human beings”. Bahrain is found in the list of countries like USA, Australia, Austria, Germany, Sweden and UK.

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said in the foreword to the report that “human traffickers violate the fundamental human right to freedom”, lamenting that “this unfortunately happens all over the world and in particular in the societies most at risk explaining that this year the report is published “a amid an unprecedented humanitarian crisis, with the continued Russian invasion of Ukraine“.

The report attributes the causes of the spread of human trafficking globally to wars, climate change and food insecurity which “exacerbate the risks of human trafficking globally”.

The efforts that the United States Department of State recognizes in the Kingdom include, among other things, the increase in the prosecution of human trafficking. Moroccan courts, the document welcomes, have sentenced traffickers to long and lengthy prison terms. Moreover, recognizes the document edited by the Office for Monitoring and Combating Trafficking in Persons, the Moroccan government has also continued to partner with international organizations for the training of its officials in this regard.

Indeed, the report indicates that the identification of victims of human trafficking remained insufficient, as well as the services granted to them, care, etc. Also, it is recommended to finalize, approve and systematically implement procedures to proactively identify victims of trafficking in all its forms, in particular among vulnerable populations such as undocumented migrants, migrants, etc. , create and implement a national victim referral mechanism (NRM) and train the judicial authorities in its application.

As for Algeria, the US State Department document places it on the “watch list” (level 2 watch list). The report explains it by the fact that “the Algerian government did not fully meet the minimum standards”such as, identifying more victims of human trafficking, increasing investigations, prosecutions and convictions, and protecting child victims”. The document advances in this, government procedures for screening victims, such as African migrants, refugees and asylum seekers. Indeed, Algerian authorities have continued to punish some unidentified potential victims for “ illegal acts forced by their traffickers”.

It is also noted that the fear of some victims in this region (illegal immigrants) prevents them from reporting trafficking offenses due to unfair screening procedures. The anecdote is that the Algerian Foreign Minister Ramtane Lamamra took note with satisfaction of the presentation made by the American Secretary of State Antony Blinken of the 2022 Report of the State Department on the situation of human trafficking in the world . However, the serious facts in this sense remain numerous in Algeria, massive arrests of opposition, torture, judicial harassment, prisoners of conscience, various censorships…

However, it is necessary to recall all the violations of these treaties by the Algerian authorities. The facts are however numerous, if one judges some by the massive arrests of opposition, tortures, legal harassment, various censorships, assassinations of clandestine migrants, prisoners of conscience tasting with the straw when there is some, in the jails Algerian women, sequestered in camps, child soldiers, a lucrative business on Algerian soil… Can we rejoice? Yes, we dare for the regime of the capos of Algiers.

This sentence of the related press release (MAE) fully illustrates it, even if the intention is certainly to put it off indefinitely “a bill on preventing and combating trafficking in persons is in the final stage and its parliamentary approval process will be carried out with due diligence”.

Of course, for this good old Lamamra the violations of freedoms, the hasty trials, the arbitrary imprisonments, theharagas’dead at sea and shot dead… reported by NGOs in Algeria are pure lies. Algeria is “an accomplished democracy where citizens are not forbidden to speak, nor imprisoned”, neither, nor, nor. And yet… she moves as the Other would say.


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