Two Israeli ministers on an official visit to Morocco

Two Israeli ministers, the Minister of Regional Cooperation, Issawi Frej and the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Justice, Gideon Saar, are expected respectively this Sunday and Monday in Morocco, and this, in the wake of the first official visit of an Israeli army chief.

Regional Cooperation Minister Issawi Frej will make an official visit from July 24 to 28, the Liaison Office said in a statement tweeted on Saturday by the Head of the Liaison Office, David Govrin. Issawi Frej, Arab and Muslim minister in the Israeli government, quoted in the press release, hailed Morocco as “a model of cohabitation between individuals of various religions”. He explained that he was going there to “develop common initiatives in the field of culture, communications, sports”.

The former lawmaker from the leftist Meretz party will be accompanied by a delegation of Jewish and Arab Israeli women journalists as part of a regional forum that Issawi Frej created with the aim of “strengthening the voice of women in the media”, is it further specified by the Israeli liaison office in Rabat, in the tweet. Coincidence of the calendar or not, this laudable action comes after the death of the American-Palestinian journalist Shireen Abu Akleh, killed in May while covering an Israeli raid in the occupied West Bank. This had aroused indignation and emotion in Moroccan social networks for this great journalist.

Another important visit to the Kingdom by an Israeli official, that of the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Justice, Gideon Saar, which will begin on Monday. Said to be working, it will last four days and will focus on legal cooperation, the first of its kind since the resumption of diplomatic ties between Israel and Morocco in December 2020. A partnership agreement will be signed in this area, it is said. The visits of the two Israeli ministers to Morocco come in the context of the intensification of cooperation between the two countries since the resumption of their diplomatic relations at the end of 2020.

These two visits, which add to an increasingly regular flow of Israeli delegations to the Kingdom, come a few days before that of the Chief of Staff of the Israeli army (Tsahal) Aviv Kochavi, who went to Morocco as part of an official visit where, with military officials, there was talk, among other things, of cooperation between the air forces of the two countries. Visits by Israeli officials are sometimes accompanied by a few marginalized protests from civil and human rights activists who are not in agreement with the normalization of relations with Israel, and the “Abraham Accords” signed by Morocco in December 2020.

Last May, Israeli President Isaac Herzog announced that Morocco and Israel could work together to develop innovative solutions, particularly in the technological field, in order to improve the quality of life and livelihoods and to promote progress and peace in the Middle East, Africa and beyond. Isaac Herzog also underlined the central role of Israelis of Moroccan origin in the development of the State of Israel and the contribution of the Moroccan Jewish community to the history of the Kingdom of Morocco.


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