Twenty Moroccan miners swim in Sebta

Twenty Moroccan miners took advantage of thick fog to swim into the Sebta enclave. To do this, they skirted the Tarajal breakwater, but an unknown number would have been lost at sea. For the moment, there are no reports of casualties.

According to the electronic daily newspaper of the president of Sebta, “El Faro de Ceuta” they would be much more likely to have tried the blow, because as soon as the mist dissipated miners had been located at sea. In the meantime, those who managed to enter the enclave quickly joined the Piniers Immigrant Welcome Center. The sea route and more specifically along the Tarajal dyke is the most suitable springboard for miners who aspire to enter Sebta, either by swimming or in makeshift boats, buoys, etc.

A month ago, a group of young people taking advantage of the same weather conditions had tried to swim towards the chair in vain. This time they managed to do it, it seems. Many of these minors are kids not even ten years old, others are teenagers, but not all of them are over 18 years old. For the time being, they are in the temporary center of Piniers (arrived by their own means) waiting to be channeled and admitted to other centers.

The entry of Moroccan miners took place yesterday afternoon. The lack of visibility due to the fog was a big factor in the matter, it made it possible to somewhat lift the control of the authorities of the enclave who were in the area. It must be said that lately the mist tends to rise frequently over the enclave and around.

As soon as the news was known, reports the site, there were alert calls from many Moroccan families who did not know where their loved ones could be. Lately, the enclave has been the target of more or less desperate attempts at illegal immigration and this also concerns North Africans and sub-Saharans, whether by sea or land with crossings or attempted incursions of the fence.


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