Transactions could reach 13 billion dirhams

Two days before Aid Al-Adha, the atmosphere is rather serene in the souks despite the ” dearness of mutton this year. In any case, experts expect that the movement observed on the occasion of Aid will generate around 13 billion dirhams this year, which represents a significant number of transactions compared to previous years.

In addition to being a religious festival of great importance in Morocco, Eid Al-Adha represents an important stage for the sale of herds of sheep and goats and the improvement of the incomes of farmers and breeders living in rural areas.

For this third Covid year, the supply of sheep and goats for Eid Al-Adha is around 8 million heads, while the demand is estimated at around 5.6 million heads, which means that the supply largely covers demand. And yet!

The president of the Moroccan Confederation of Agriculture and Rural Development, Mohamed Ammori told MoroccoLatestNews that herders, who have already been suffering from drought and the effects of the pandemic for three years, are betting on Eid Al-Adha in course to sell and earned an income that will guarantee them a reasonable profit margin.

Regarding sheep prices, which are relatively high this year, Ammori believes that it cannot be blamed solely on herders, as they, in turn, are facing increased feed prices and transport, before adding that Eid Al-Adha represents an important step for breeders, since it allows them to pay their debts accumulated throughout the year.

We hope the prices are moderate. And this is what we have currently observed in the markets“, indicated the trade unionist before calling the citizens, who buy from the breeders, to” take into account that in the end it is the economy in rural areas that recovers “.

In addition to the supply which is higher than the demand this year, Ammori added that even the quality is there, referring in this regard to the measures taken by the services of the National Office for Sanitary Safety of Food Products (ONSSA) to ensure continuous health monitoring of the herd.

Thus, the president of the Moroccan Confederation of Agriculture and Rural Development stressed that Eid Al-Adha this year is distinguished by the presence of Moroccans residing abroad (MRE), which will have an important impact on the ” boom » economic on this important religious occasion which is seen as an opportunity to improve incomes in sheep farming areas, in particular, and among farmers in general, so that they can meet the expenses of other activities farms and prepare for the next season.


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