Towards the conversion of liaison offices into embassies

Morocco and Israel have plans to convert their liaison offices into full embassies, according to Israeli sources, including local media. The transformation is expected to take place in the coming weeks.

Israeli officials have raised the issue of opening an Israeli embassy in Rabat on several occasions with their Moroccan counterparts and statements to this effect have been made. But on the Moroccan side, no clue seems to support this information for the moment.

In recent weeks, Israeli officials have in turn raised the issue, such as Yair Lapid, the current Israeli Prime Minister, who said in June at a press conference, when he was still Minister of Foreign Affairs Foreign, that the head of Moroccan diplomacy Nasser Bourita would travel to Israel this summer to officially open the Moroccan embassy in Israel.

According to Israeli sources quoted by Times of Israel, the opening of the Moroccan embassy is expected to occur at the same time as Nasser Bourita’s visit to Israel, probably in September.

The question of the opening of the Israeli embassy in Rabat was once again raised during the visit of the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Justice of the Israeli government, Gideon Sa’ar, to Morocco, during his talks with the Moroccan Minister of Foreign Affairs, indicates one of his tweets.

During today’s meeting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Morocco, Nasser Bourita, we discussed the strengthening of bilateral relations. I raised during the meeting the issue of raising the level of diplomatic missions between countries and embassies. I am happy that Minister Bourita said during the conversation that Morocco has decided to do it and it will be done soon“, he said.

The information was also covered by the Israeli media Jerusalem Post which indicated that “Sa’ar thanked Bourita for supporting Israel’s membership of the African Union as an observer, and they discussed the progress towards the opening by Morocco of a full embassy in Israel”.

According to some Israeli sources, the announcement of the opening of respective embassies should take place at the same time either with the anniversary of the Abraham Accords which are to celebrate their 2nd year, or during the 2nd Negev Summit which , would have a good chance of being organized in Morocco this time.

If Yair Lapid announced the arrival of Nasser Bourita in Israel, in the summer, it could however be that this trip does not occur before September.

Indeed, according to the Israeli Minister for Regional Cooperation, Esawi Frej, traveling to Morocco on Thursday, he would have given him an invitation for the celebration of the anniversary of the Abraham Accords in September, and Nasser Bourita would have accepted it.

It should be noted that Morocco and Israel restored their diplomatic ties on December 10, 2020, and since then the pace of bilateral cooperation, affecting many sectors, has been increasing. High-level Israeli officials have, in fact, chained visits to the Kingdom, reflecting a clear desire to establish a close and lasting partnership.


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