Throne Day illuminates several monuments abroad

On the occasion of the 23rd anniversary of the Throne Day, Moroccans from here and elsewhere paid tribute to King Mohammed VI by illuminating several monuments on the occasion of this national holiday.

Whether it is the streets of Moroccan cities decorated with national flags or the cities abroad which have hoisted the colors, red and green, of the Moroccan flag on monuments, the commemoration of the accession to the Throne of King Mohammed VI took place on July 30.

In the United Arab Emirates, the famous Burj Khalifa was illuminated on Saturday evening in Moroccan colors. The historic Emirati building, put the flag of Morocco and its green star at the center of its illumination on the occasion of the National Day.

In Canada, the members of the diplomatic representations on the spot spared no effort to mark this event. A ceremony to hoist the flag of Morocco was organized Saturday during the day, at the embassy but also at the Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick in Fredericton and this was followed by several highlights, particularly in Ottawa.

The famous Niagara Falls were specially illuminated in red and green in the colors of the kingdom on Saturday evening, providing spectacular images.

At the same time, it was the Edmonton Bridge that displayed the colors of Morocco on the occasion of the Throne Day at the same time as the Moroccan national anthem resounded.

In Morocco, the Throne Day was also celebrated, in particular with the decoration of vintage cars in Rabat with flags of the kingdom or even photos of the Sovereign.

The headquarters of the Office for Vocational Training and Labor Promotion (OFFPT) was also illuminated with an animation in the colors of the Moroccan flag on Saturday evening.


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