The water distributed in Ouezzane meets the quality standards in force (ONEE)

The water distributed in the city of Ouezzane meets the quality standards in force at the national level, said Friday, the regional directorate of the North of the National Office of Electricity and Drinking Water (ONEE). – Water branch.

In a press release published in response to information conveyed by certain social media platforms concerning the quality of the water distributed in Ouezzane, the regional management specified that the water distributed is permanently subject to quality control operations at three levels: source , production and within the distribution network, by the provincial, regional and central laboratories of the Office, in addition to the operations of control and verification of quality conformity carried out by the services of the Ministry of Health and social protection.

“Based on the results of bacterial and physico-chemical analyzes carried out periodically and regularly by the provincial and regional laboratories of the Office, under the supervision of the central laboratory with international accreditation, the quality of the water produced and distributed in the city of Ouezzane complies with national standards relating to the quality of water for food use and does not present any risk to the health of consumers”, specified the regional management.

The same source assured that the services of the Office, which work tirelessly to ensure the supply of the city of Ouezzane with drinking water in the best conditions, remain at the disposal of customers for further clarifications, calling on the different actors and citizens to work to rationalize the consumption of drinking water and to use it responsibly.


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