The unique atmosphere of Eid Al Adha in Morocco

This Sunday, July 10, Morocco celebrates Aïd Al Adha. A “Souna Moâkada” (essential) for any good practicing Muslim. And Moroccans know how to celebrate this religious holiday very well.

In Morocco, the atmosphere is different. In the morning, the citizens are already preparing for the ritual of slaughtering the sheep by calling on the “specialists”, generally butchers.

They have the necessary skills to make this task, complex, easier and faster.

In Moroccan traditions, the whole family attends the sacrifice. Then comes the task of washing and preparing the antics of the sheep. Once this task is done, the families begin preparing the famous “ Bulfaf “. There are also families, whose culture wants it to be the first dish to be tasted of the day.

In the streets, young people, who have become specialists in grilling sheep’s heads, are already preparing their campfire to welcome their first customer. And it’s usually the children of the family who stick their heads out and make sure that the “specialist” does his job according to the rules of the art.

Aid Al Adha is not just a religious holiday in Morocco, it is the party where families gather and prepare delicious dishes over a glass of tea and Moroccan cakes in a unique atmosphere. in its kind. In any case, everyone participates in the preparation of the feast, young and old.

Another phenomenon of this religious festival is the donation or sale of “Btana” (sheepskins). Specialists, informal, go around the neighborhoods to recover the Btana to make a carpet or other handicrafts that are sold afterwards.


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