The uberization of Eid Al Adha

Recently, Eid Al Adha has not escaped the phenomenon of uberization with the appearance of online platforms offering the sale of sheep and goats. This mode of consumption, most often practiced by young people, and which today takes hold of the folklore of Aïd El Kébir, reveals a profound transformation in the act of purchase.

Who would have thought that one day sacrificial animals intended for Eid would be marketed online and delivered to homes? Because Eid Al Adha is not just about the day of the sacrifice, the internet’s unstoppable influence on consumer behavior is shaking even the most entrenched traditions.

In the era of digitalisation, there is no longer any need to stroll through the earthy “rahbas” on the outskirts of towns to contemplate the livestock, inquire about prices and get an idea of ​​your budget. These new platforms now offer deliverables for all tastes and within reach of all budgets.

As Eid approaches, all social communication channels are taken over by breeders who have temporarily become influencers. While some sell their farms on free classifieds sites, others are active on Facebook, Instagram or TikTok, or simply use websites for regular activity.

This is the case of My ANOC, the new sheep and goat e-commerce marketplace launched last week at the initiative of the National Sheep and Goat Association (ANOC). This platform, which is original to say the least, is the result of a dual approach of collective intelligence and innovation designed during confinement.

The president of the Association, Abderrahmane Mejdoubi, noted that the idea for this collaborative project stems from the desire of breeders organized in cooperatives to develop new alternatives to the traditional distribution channels broken during the health crisis.

And to explain that via the platform, buyers can come into direct contact with the breeders referenced by the Association, which deploys its technicians in all regions of the Kingdom to monitor commercial activity, manage orders and feed the site. -web.

The main advantage provided by this initiative, continues Abderrahmane Mejdoubi, is that of circumventing the activity of intermediaries or scrap dealers operating in the traditional souks and commonly called “chenakas”, whose speculative action increases the price of livestock. Via the platform, the customer has access to a wide range of choices in terms of breeds and prices, without having to go to markets, which are sometimes poorly organized. E-commerce would thus be a means of buying one’s sacrifice directly at the source while ensuring its traceability. In this respect, the president of the Association recalls that all the breeders on “My ANOC” offer animals that have been marked and identified, having continuously undergone veterinary examinations which attest to the viability of the herd.

If the use of the web does not make it possible to feel the sheep, find out its age and fatness or quite simply observe its walk and its corpulence, Abderrahmane Mejdoubi reassures as to the quality of the animals offered and the completeness of the information relating to the animal available in its identification sheet. The platform allows buyers to view small ruminants available for sale with their characteristics, including breed, weight and age, and to view breeder data online with the ability to perform advanced multi-criteria searches. Before proceeding with the payment of the deposit, mandatory on the platform before the finalization of the purchase on delivery, the buyer also has the possibility of obtaining information from the breeder.

Thought out as a real institutionalized business, the My ANOC platform, which will be operational all year round, is also intended for butchers and chevards who wish to buy animals with well-defined characteristics.

The objective of this disruptive initiative, which is intended to be in line with the objective of digital transformation of agrosystems, would be to provide farmers with an organized and sustainable platform allowing them to increase their sales and access new markets. . By being part of the objectives of the agricultural development strategy for 2030 “Generation green”, My ANOC ultimately promises to give impetus to the structuring of the sheep and goat production chain and red meat in general in national scale.

As a reminder, the supply for Eid Al Adha this year is estimated at nearly 8 million heads, for a demand not exceeding 5.6 million. Prices continue to fluctuate depending on the terroirs but overall close to the prices offered last year.


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