The scientific committee reassures after the death of 11 people from covid

Morocco has recorded 11 deaths linked to the coronavirus, an epidemiological situation which worries a few days before the Aid Al Adha holiday, scheduled for Sunday. This result reflects the effects of the peak of the epidemiological wave.

This death toll in a single day (Tuesday) is reminiscent of those that Morocco recorded at the height of the covid-19 pandemic. But experts say there is nothing to worry about.

These death figures are normal because they are explained by a large number of patients admitted to intensive care and intensive care units, said Professor Said Moutawakil, member of the scientific committee for the fight against Covid-19 in a statement. statement to MoroccoLatestNews.

The specialist confirmed that the number of cases and deaths currently recorded is high, and indicates that this amounts to an ascending curve of infections which is progressing rapidly. Added to this is the number of positive tests and analyzes which exceeds 28%.

According to the same source, the Ba.5 variant represents 72% of the positive cases recorded in Morocco, in addition to the Ba.2 mutant.

As for the number of deaths, he explains, “ because patients in intensive care who are in critical condition, remain under observation for days, and therefore there is an accumulation of the number of daily patients whose hospitalization requires two to three weeks before death if their condition reaches a certain degree of gravity”.

If we compare the number of deaths and the number of cases detected daily with the previous epidemic waves, the number remains low, with a level reaching around 80% lower“, he adds.

And to recall that the convalescence rate in emergencies does not exceed 3.5%, so it is normal“. Pr Moutawakil nevertheless warned of an increase in positive patients and deaths in the coming days, noting that after two weeks, the death curve will decrease.

This case concerns not only Morocco, but a number of European countries which have begun to experience epidemiological stability, as the severity of the pandemic has decreased and no longer has the same mortality rate, he said.

Those who died on Tuesday are mostly elderly people suffering from chronic illnesses, added the doctor, stressing the importance of vaccination against the coronavirus and compliance with barrier health measures.

Even in the face of the resurgence of cases in the coming days that experts predict, Morocco will not resort to the adoption of quarantine or the tightening of traffic conditions between cities, but will resort to coexistence with the virus, a added the member of the scientific committee.

As a reminder, Morocco has recorded in the last 24 hours, 3,043 new confirmed cases of coronavirus, bringing to 1,233,138 the total number of people infected since the start of the pandemic in the Kingdom.


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