The Rabat-Salé-Kénitra AREF has a success rate of 75.27%

The Regional Academy of Education and Training (AREF) of Rabat-Salé-Kénitra recorded a success rate of 75.27% in the unified national baccalaureate examination tests among school-going candidates, against 74, 72% in 2021.

At the level of the RSK region, the number of candidates who passed the ordinary session of the 2022 baccalaureate reached 46,211 students, including 29,346 enrolled in public education and 7,192 in private education, reports AREF in a press release. In addition, the total of free students who obtained their BAC this session across the region reached 9,673, with a success rate of 43.95%.

As for the provincial distribution of candidates who obtained the baccalaureate at the level of the RSK region, the provincial leadership of Rabat experienced the success of 5,726 candidates for a success rate of 81.98%, followed by Skhirat-Temara with 5,538 candidates for a rate of 75.19%, then Salé with 8,085 (69.16%), 3,695 in Khemisset (3,695 candidates – 68.89%), then Kenitra (6,993 candidates – 73.75%), Sidi Kacem ( 4,377 candidates – 85.21%) and finally Sidi-Slimane (2,124 candidates or 84.29%).

With regard to candidates with disabilities who benefited from an adaptation of the conditions for taking exams and correcting them, 302 of them passed the ordinary session baccalaureate for this year, out of a total of 400 candidates, for a success rate of 82.51%.

With regard to mentions, 2,871 candidates obtained a mention very well at the level of the RSK region informs the AREF, against 6,243 mention Good and 15,326 candidates mention Fairly well.

The highest mark obtained at the level of the region during this ordinary session was won by Houda Naanaa, who obtained 19.41/20, in the physical sciences sector – French option, at the Regional Directorate of Rabat.

The total number of candidates who will take the remedial session, from July 15 to 19, reached 21,863 candidates, with an estimated rate of 26.90%.


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