The Polisario has made Tindouf a hotspot for "all kinds of international traffic"

The Tindouf camps have become a rear base for organized crime and a “black market for all kinds of international trafficking”. This is the observation delivered by a famous Algerian blogger exiled abroad, and pet peeve of the Algerian regime. For Amir DZ, those responsible are the members of the Polisario who reign as absolute masters over the region, to the detriment of the Algerian population and with the agreement of the Algerian authorities.

“The people of Tindouf are not only asphyxiated, in fact, whoever says a word, or pronounces a letter from the Polisario, is condemned to death”declared Amir DZ in his last video on Youtube where he describes the current situation experienced in Tindouf, the Algerian province entrusted to the Sahrawi separatist militia of the Polisario in order to extend its caliphate there.

“You have seen the terror that the Algerian system has instilled in people, the law on terrorism, what they have done to Hirak militants, well they are doing the same thing in Tindouf, and it is the Polisario that takes care of it. They want to make the Polisario an all-powerful God to whom we must submit,” he said revolted.

Amir DZ explains that the members of the Polisario militia govern and manage all the markets, and that they are in charge of unemployment pension files. “They gave the majority of their members Algerian nationality in order to be able to receive these pensions. They are also the ones who took over the management of the gold mining files,” he said.

The blogger explained that the members of the Polisario, in their excesses, circulate with cars without registration, and with smoked windows and windshields. “They killed several people in Hassi Ammar in Tindouf with these cars. There is a child they knocked over and dragged for several kilometers before throwing him away and leaving, and that’s normal” in Tindouf, he explained.

But “to open an investigation on the members of the polisario in Tindouf? Are you crazy? They kill you, they suppress your existence, you will never see the light again! “, he says, speaking of the separatist militia seeking to seize the Moroccan Sahara.

“Tindouf today has become a market for all illicit products, drugs and weapons, the sale of black gold. It’s like Tamanrasset which is controlled by Algerian barons, the same thing exists in Tindouf except that it’s the Polisario who controls everything, and whoever doesn’t believe me, I ask him to go to Tindouf and see with your own eyes”, launched the blogger.

And to note that the Polisario is responsible for “all kinds of international trafficking and on the other side, you get false stories of the right to self-determination! “.

“All this arms trafficking and the like, they do it in front of the police, in front of the army, and nobody says anything, they look away. Then you see them crying on television, they bring them the red crescent, the yellow crescent, humanitarian aid, and when you see that you think “that they are poor” but when you go there you will be shocked (of their wealth, editor’s note), you will only hear negotiations at 30 and 40 billion in the markets, ”he said.

And to explain that “the truth is that the Tindouf camps exist but these people are exploited and are victims of the Polisario. He hides behind them, he uses them as a tarp. He uses them by exposing this image to public opinion and in front of the media to attract sympathy and pity from NGOs and internationally, to drain donations but the one who pockets it is the polisario”, explained the blogger. exiled because of his revelations on the Algerian system, indicating that donations, especially food, are sold to Algerians on the markets.


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