The murderers of Djamel Bensmail will wait for "the next criminal session"

The trial for the assassination of young Djamel Bensmail, 38, has been postponed until the next criminal session, defense lawyer Me Soufiane Dekkal said on Tuesday in Algiers. They are more than one hundred (102), including a dozen women, accused of the murder of Djamel Bensmail who were to appear Tuesday in the court of Dar El Beida (Court of Algiers). The next session will therefore open in September. The court will be composed of three judges and four jurors, headed by a judge in the name of Achour Ali. The trial will be public.

The murder of Djamel Bensmail took place on August 11, 2021 in Larbaâ Nath Irathen, wilaya of Tizi Ouzou, following his lynching by a crowd who accused him for an unknown reason of being the author of arson in the city. region. This young native of Khemis Miliana (Ain Defla), had just come to lend a hand to the citizen mobilization against the forest fires which then ravaged the region. The victim, Djamel Bensmail, “went to the police on her own” after hearing that he was suspected of arson. He took it badly!

The postponement was pronounced at the request of the defence. due to the lack of electronic equipment, among other things a datashow, to be able to reconstruct the scene of the events “, specifies Me Dekkal. The trial which opened this morning in the criminal court of first instance of Dar El Beida, involves ” 102 people in detention, 7 at liberty and nearly a dozen on the run “says the lawyer. Besides the accusation of participation in a premeditated murder “, the defendants are prosecuted to different degrees, in particular for “ undermining state security, attacks against security personnel, terrorizing the population and belonging to a terrorist organization “, he specifies.

There are defendants who are still “wanted” in addition to some witnesses ” who are not presented at trial “. The “wanted” are not likely to be found anytime soon since they are in fact neither more nor less law enforcement and military agents and they are much more numerous than the official figure. Indeed, in this month of August, the soldiers were in pursuit of “jihadists” in these mountains with rugged terrain and the only solution to dislodge them from their camps was to use fire.

The senile regime of Algiers has moreover “officially” evoked the deployment of its military units in this “rebellious region” for a hunt for terrorists well before the fires. Incidentally, the old puppets of the Muppet Show made in Algeria“ had of course “accused” Rabat of supporting the Autonomy Movements of Kabylia MAK” and Rachad. But in reality the real proof of this organized genocide is that of all the arsonists arrested, those belonging to the security services were immediately released.

Another truth and not the least to remember, Djamel Bensmail, this young victim of a sponsored popular lynching, had gone to the police to be protected from a punishment in perspective, under the pretext that he was preparing to feed the fires in forests. As soon as the news of his arrest at the Larbaâ Nait Irathen police station broke and the crowd had swelled, the agents released him to dozens of angry citizens who were waiting for him in front of the police station.

They did not, subsequently, lift a finger to save him from a tragic death where he was burned and his charred corpse had his throat cut and his head afterwards. The case had moved the whole country. The videos and images of the young man whose body was immolated and then mutilated, not far from a police station, shocked national and international opinion and sparked an unprecedented wave of popular indignation.

Today we judge 102 suspects, but are they only the real culprits?


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