The Moroccan "Brother" Imam Iquioussen, eligible for expulsion from France

Hassan Iquioussen, a Moroccan “Brother” Imam accused of holding “hate speech” and developing “anti-Semitic theses” will be expelled from France, announced this Thursday, July 28 the Minister of the Interior Gérald Darmanin.

Indeed, in a tweetthe latter tweeted, arguing that this expulsion was justified by the fact that “this preacher has been making hateful remarks against the values ​​of France for years, contrary to our principles of secularism and equality between women and men. He will be expelled from French territory”.

Living in Lourches, near Valenciennes, Hassan Iquioussen had continued to hold, according to the elements collected by the prefecture of the North, a speech ” of hatred towards the values ​​of the Republic, including secularism” and “equality between women and men” and develop anti-Semitic theses. He is also accused of inciting “to a form of separatism” and feed “conspiracy theses around Islamophobia”. On June 22, the departmental commission for the expulsion of foreigners issued a favorable opinion on his expulsion, the Interior Ministry said. The deportation order “will be taken in the next few hours”, it is still said.

This Islamic preacher, nicknamed the preacher of the suburbs or cities, very active on social networks – his YouTube channel is followed by 169,000 people and his Facebook page has 42,000 subscribers, was quick to react in a post on Facebook. ” Today, I am accused of making discriminatory, even violent remarks, which I strongly contest. I trust justice and my advice to cancel this deportation procedure”.

The expulsion of Hassan Iquioussen, father of five adult children, was not possible before the law combating separatism promulgated in August 2021. Born in France, June 2, 1964 in Denain in the north-east of France in a family of Moroccan immigrants, he had French nationality until it was withdrawn after his majority.

After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Arabic and a master’s degree in history, he changed paths to devote himself to learning and transmitting Islam without having received any formal Islamic education. “The Preacher of the Cities” founded the Young Muslims of France with the Union of Islamic Organizations of France (UOIF). Since 2012, he has hosted a YouTube channel on which he gives lessons and shares his opinions on various subjects. He makes controversial and conspiratorial remarks. He is known to have made hateful, anti-Semitic, homophobic and misogynistic remarks.

Of Moroccan nationality since he lost French nationality, he had then benefited from residence permits. It is also thanks to a request to renew his residence permit this winter that the French authorities decided to use the law of August 2021. This decision led to a detailed examination of the positions taken by the imam before a possible renewal of his residence permit. The North prefecture then analyzed the positions of Hassan Iquioussen ” on a number of social issues, including secularism, the relationship between Sharia and the laws of the Republic or gender equality “, indicates The Point.

Numerous videos made by the imam fed into the file presented on June 22 at the meeting of the departmental expulsion commission meeting in the prefecture. ” The prefect of the North came in person to plead the case before the magistrates with the unreserved support of the Minister of the Interior », adds Point which indicates that a favorable opinion has been given after examination of the file.

Hassan Iquioussen denies any anti-Semitism, any homophobia, any fundamentalist inclination. “He challenges the merits of his expulsion and claims his attachment to both Islam and France “, indicates the media. The latter would be very worried because of problems previously encountered with the Moroccan authorities. Indeed, he would have attacked the sacredness of the Kingdom. According to one of his relatives, “He would do well to apply for a residence permit in another country. Maybe Belgium, to stay close to his family.

Reputed to be close to the Muslims of France (ex-UOIF), the French branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, Hassan Iquioussen is described as a representative of “the toughest and most virulent tendency of the Muslim Brotherhood in France on subjects such as the status of women or the relationship with Jews”. In his videos, he always praised Hassan El-Banna, the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood.


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