The King's outstretched hand to Algeria has its origins in the history linking the two peoples (political scientist)

In a speech to the Nation on Saturday, on the occasion of the 23rd anniversary of his accession to the Throne, King Mohammed VI once again held out his hand to the Algerian neighbor, addressing the Algerian people as friendly as directly.

Firmly expressing his commitment and that of Morocco to improve the socio-economic situation of our country, King Mohammed VI indicated in his speech that this commitment ” is equaled only by our constant concern to manage its priorities at the regional and international levels”.

In this regard, the Sovereign stressed once again that ” the borders that separate the Moroccan people and the brotherly Algerian people will never be barriers preventing their interaction and understanding.thus expressing his wish that ” these borders are transformed into bridges allowing Morocco and Algeria to access a better future and to offer a fine example of harmony to the other Maghreb peoples “.

This outstretched hand from King Mohammed VI to Algeria, for the umpteenth time, was very well received within the national and international community. According to political scientist Driss Aissaoui, the Sovereign spoke about Algeria and the Algerians with ” much friendship and ‘affectionand especially addressed the Algerian people“.

But, for Aissaoui, what is sad is that the King ” sees that on the other side of the barrier and the border, there are people who spend their days doing turpitude to destroy the image of this country“.

Today, the King said that we must stop, as Moroccans and in the name of all Moroccans, who are not there to seek problems for the Algerian neighbors“, analyzes Aissaoui.

Indeed, King Mohammed VI urged Moroccans ” to preserve the spirit of fraternity, solidarity and good neighborliness which animates them with regard to our Algerian brothers. Moreover, We assure them that in all circumstances, Morocco and Moroccans will always stand by their side.“.

The Sovereign also assured that ” the allegations that Moroccans insult Algeria and Algerians are the work of irresponsible individuals who strive to sow discord between the two brotherly peoples“.

This “prohibition” by the King to harm Algerians finds its sources according to Driss Aissaoui, in the common origins between the two countries. ” We have the same origins and the same aspirations. Everything brings us together, especially history, language, religion… And Morocco was with Algeria an important component of a development project that could have gained much more“, argues the political scientist.

When you look very closely at the situation of Africa, which has eight major geographical regions, and which is a continent where the possibilities for growth are enormous, the only region which is doing nothing, which is not moving and which has not of real achievement, it is that of the Maghreb, because we have people who considered that politics was something important (…) Algeria is creating problems where there are none not. We love Algerians and want to always be in good contact with them. But unfortunately, the Algerian soldiers do not hear it that way“, laments Driss Aissaoui.

And the political scientist to add ” some Algerians believe it is imperative to break up Morocco, to find a way to break up all this possibility of developing and seeing better elsewhere. And that’s the problem of Algeria“.

To conclude, Driss Aissaoui considered that ” King Mohammed VI today appealed to the Algerian people to say, be careful, we must participate in everything that is done at the political level, we are not going to contribute to spreading rumors and fake news on Morocco“.

On the other hand, ” he addressed the Algerian leaders and politicians, telling them that, if we are all responsible people, we must stop this massacre, we must stop this situation and that we really move on to our peoples expect from us, namely to build a developed region, where the peoples live in harmony and prosperity“.


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