The involvement of the AU and the EU is more than necessary

The migratory phenomenon on both shores of the Mediterranean is neither Moroccan nor Spanish. This is the message sent by Dr. Tayeb Hamdi, physician, researcher in health policies and systems, in an analysis which underlines that Morocco, aware of the depth of the problem and its evolving gravity, had adopted an avant-garde policy in Kingdom as well as internationally, and has been a scout on the African continent and the Mediterranean on the subject.

In his analysis at MoroccoLatestNews UKDr. Hamdi argues that the multiplicity and seriousness of incidents related to desperate migration and the growing scale of the phenomenon require the European Union (EU) and the African Union (AU) to put this dossier under the heading of file of common interest and put it at the heart of the debates at their next meeting.

“The implementation of the African Observatory on Migration, which was a Moroccan initiative created in Rabat by the AU, is urgent. The appointment of a special rapporteur on migration within the AU is another way to take a serious look at the issue and to send a strong signal.”he said.

Indeed, Dr. Hamdi projects and maintains that it should be expected that this migratory crisis will turn more and more into repetitive dramas as the political, economic and social crises intensify in Africa and that the glimmers of hope to have his luck ” for a “ Hello under other skies, Europe in particular, are fading.

This desperate situation paradoxically offers more chances to mafia trafficking and human trafficking networks to cause more drama. Networking, violence, criminality and manipulation will replace individual searches behind individual dreams. The migration crisis has its deep – and very serious – reasons in the countries of departure, namely poverty, instability, wars, political and democratic problems, breakdowns in development, etc. “, he observes.

This crisis, he continues, also finds its reasons in the host countries which increasingly close the doors completely, or filter the migrants to recruit only the high skills, or only open the doors for migrants coming other than Africa.

The possible solutions are also multilateral according to Dr. Tayeb. For him, Morocco and Spain are two victims, two daily witnesses of the consequences of the non-management of this migratory crisis on a planetary scale and especially on both shores of the Mediterranean.

Morocco and Spain are at the forefront to suffer from these tragedies, not because they have any responsibility for the sources of the problem or its consequences, but just because of a certain plate tectonics that placed them where they are. The management of this phenomenon cannot be their sole responsibility or another political tectonic this time around. says Dr. Hamdi.

According to the doctor in health policy, the EU and the AU cannot put their heads in the sand and let the two bordering countries assume alone a crisis for which they have neither the responsibility nor the capacity nor the means to manage on their own despite all the goodwill in the world. ” Thinking, debating and finding strategies, solutions together is an essential condition “, he specifies.

In this regard, Dr. Hamdi recalls that human movements have always been a source of wealth and enrichment, diversity and development.

Finding grounds for redefining the terms of this human activity in line with evolving contexts is urgently needed to deal with human rights violations, xenophobia and crime which risks evolving and taking on unimaginable forms and scale. currently “, concludes the specialist.


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