The Godfather star James Caan has died

American actor James Caan, star of the films “The Godfather” and the series “Las Vegas”, died at the age of 82, announced Thursday, his family on Twitter and his manager.

He was revealed to the general public in 1972 when he interpreted the role of Sonny Corleone in the film The Godfather, signed Francis Ford Coppola on the Italian-American mafia.

The film remains one of the best films ever made, 50 years later it is still ranked as one of the favorite films of moviegoers.

James Caan, born in the Bronx neighborhood in 1940, also played the role of a writer kidnapped by an evil woman for Misery, an adaptation of Stephen King’s book.

The actor has also played notable roles in cult series in recent years, including Las Vegas where he played the role of a hotel and casino boss, or the Hawaii 5-0 series.


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