The French increasingly attracted to the Kingdom

There is no doubt that it is the French, whose community exceeds 51,000 people registered in the consular registers (2021), who are the most numerous foreigners in Morocco. It is that the Kingdom attracts with its job opportunities, the lower cost of living, its very attractive tax policy for the citizens of France as well as the quality of life and other advantages as attractive as some others.

Also, living in the Kingdom is the dream of many Europeans, especially French people. Between the low cost of living and the sun all year round, the Kingdom remains an increasingly popular option for French expatriates who represent the largest foreign community in the country. The French, all age categories combined, settle mainly in tourist areas and the big cities of the coast where there is no shortage of job opportunities.

Indeed, several positions of responsibility are accessible to them, both in Moroccan, French and international structures and particularly in the energy, aeronautics, automobile and tourism sectors.

Retirees are not left out. Many of them move there in view of the advantages offered and moreover in this respect, Morocco is one of the favorite destinations of French retirees in the same way as Portugal, Greece or others. In addition, its proximity to France (3 hours flight) is a significant asset for French expatriates for their comings and goings.

If the climate is often the main reason (300 days of sunshine per year), the financial aspect can also be taken into account when choosing to settle in the Kingdom. And for good reason, the cost of living is 40% cheaper than in France, which allows them to take full advantage of their retirement. The tax system is also more advantageous than that of France, since it allows anyone living there for more than six months to obtain a reduction. Foreign nationals residing in Morocco must declare all their income there, in accordance with the finance law for 2018 and pay income tax electronically.

This tax policy is also attractive for companies. Indeed, the choice could not be more strategic, with regard to the Kingdom’s tax policy, which allows the company, during the first five years on site, to be exempt from taxes (tax at a reduced rate of 17 .5%). The Kingdom is full of more than a thousand French SMEs (there were only 500 in 2009) which from their 100,000 jobs, 700 subsidiaries, and a stock of investments which carries up to 15 billion euros and more, are the top foreign operators in Morocco.

In addition to lower wages and an advantageous tax policy, the Kingdom is a gateway to sub-Saharan and deep Africa, also wants to be a platform for the continent and moreover for the French business world.

Regarding the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Morocco (CFICM), it is the largest of the 115 French Chambers of Commerce and Industry internationally, since it counts more than 3750 member companies including CAC40 companies (almost all are present there, Alstom, tramway and TGV, France Telecom, (in the capital of Meditel), Renault…) and French franchises (Fauchon, FNAC, Leader Price…).

France represents a third of foreign direct investment (FDI) in the Kingdom, despite the rise of investors from the Middle East or Asia. Morocco, moreover, is the main beneficiary of assistance from the French Development Agency (AFD), which, through its financing of the private sector and small and medium-sized businesses, participates somewhere in the development of the country.


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