The first edition of Oktoberfest in Morocco mocked before...

Beer lovers will be served at the end of the summer. Indeed, Casablanca will host, if all goes well, the very first edition of the Bavarian Beer Festival, called “Oktoberfest” on October 28 in Bouskoura.

The event is organized by the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Morocco. In October 2015 a first attempt to organize a popular beer festival in Casablanca was a hit. But let it be said, the beer festival had not been canceled, neither for religious, practical or financial reasons, but for legal causes. We had looked for the little beast on this side at the Brasseries du Maroc which at the time organized the event which was similar to the Oktoberfest, because of the related advertising campaign, of which we quickly removed posters and spotlights.

That said, the 2022 edition, the first of an Oktoberfest here-bled, is made for beer lovers who will be able to experience “the unique atmosphere of Oktoberfest under a marquee with more than 300 seats in Bouskoura”says the Facebook post of the German Chamber of Commerce. “A festive and warm atmosphere typical of the Oktoberfest awaits you there. Sitting at large, convivial tables, enjoy traditional Bavarian food and drinks to the rhythm of Munich brass bands »continues the same source.

“All inclusive” tickets are already on sale and are divided into two categories: members (from 800 to 1,000 DH) or non-members (from 1,200 to 1,400 DH). Oktoberfest (“October party” in German) is a very well-known party that usually takes place in Munich, Germany, but has branches to other countries especially in French-speaking countries and is known as the Fête de beer. The public gathers in large festive tents where they can consume beer and Bavarian dishes while listening to music.

That said, if for beer lovers, this edition of Oktoberfest is Auf geht’s! as the AHK Marokko ad would say, on the networks opinions differ and are divided. Some who even take political or religious turns. Of ” beer mother of vices ” at ” undermining the moral values ​​of Moroccans” Passing by ” Kufar » to another sound of bell, “At Casa, it’s Oktoberfest every day”. “Jdreamed of it. Casablanca did it » or the reproach of not knowing how to drink in moderation or even those who comment on the photo of a group of Germans raising their glasses at an Oktoberfest in Munich “ Za3ma 3 year kounou hakda », etc. Our Internet users are divided on the pros and cons of the Oktoberfest and everyone goes with their soul.

It is that Morocco officially prohibits the sale and consumption of alcohol to Muslims, under a law of the 1960s stipulating the prohibition“to offer or sell alcoholic beverages to Muslim Moroccans or minors under 16“. But unofficially, the majority of the millions of bottles of wine, beer and alcohol produced or not, in Morocco are produced by a large part of Moroccans. It is the eternal dilemma “between the two, my heart hesitates” with on the one hand, the legally prohibited and on the other, the “legally” tolerated. Humble opinions, it’s either we change mentalities or legislation.


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