The FCJE expresses its "gratitude" to the King

The Federation of Jewish Communities of Spain (FCJE) expressed its “gratitude” and “thanks” to King Mohammed VI, after the establishment of a new organization of Jewish communities capable of ensuring effective and harmonious management of the communities throughout the national territory.

In a press release, made public on Saturday, the FCJE stresses that it “received with great joy and emotion” the press release from the spokesperson of the Royal Palace on the creation of three organizations which watch over the heritage of the culture and traditions of the Jewish communities in Morocco, “thus promoting initiatives of coexistence and peace between two peoples, many of whose members share a common past and a hopeful future”.

The mechanism submitted to the Sovereign’s high appreciation, drawn up following broad consultations with representatives of the Jewish community and personalities belonging to it, includes three bodies, namely the National Council of the Moroccan Jewish Community, the Commission of Jewish Moroccans Abroad and the Moroccan Judaism Foundation.

The King’s decision confirms, once again, the Sovereign’s “commitment” to Jewish communities and “is in line with European Union provisions aimed at protecting and promoting Jewish life in Europe”, says the Federation .

“Morocco (…) becomes an example to follow for other countries and contributes to creating a framework of reunion and coexistence”, indicate the Jewish Communities of Spain.

“Many generations of members of our communities came from Morocco many years ago and still have very close ties to the culture of coexistence, which is essential to our values,” the statement concludes.

As a reminder, the Minister of the Interior presented before the King, during the Council of Ministers last Wednesday, a presentation on the measures drawn up, in application of the royal instructions, concerning the organization of the Moroccan Jewish community.

These measures are based on the supreme responsibility incumbent on the King in his capacity as Amir Al-Mouminine and guarantor of the free exercise of worship for all Moroccans, all religious denominations combined, and come to consecrate the Hebrew tributary as as a component of the rich Moroccan culture of its many tributaries.


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