The ESEC presents its opinion on public policies dedicated to young people

The Economic, Social and Environmental Council (CESE) presented its opinion on public policies dedicated to young people at its Extraordinary General Assembly held last Tuesday under the chairmanship of Ahmed Réda Chami.

The draft of this opinion was drawn up as part of a referral received from the Chamber of Councillors, the ESEC said in a press release. This study, which aims to assess the effectiveness, convergence and implementation of these policies, taking into account their capacity to ensure the integrated development of young people, is based on five fundamental and complementary axes, taken from the of the Social Charter that the ESEC had previously drawn up on the basis of fundamental rights – stipulated in the Constitution of the Kingdom and international agreements ratified by Morocco – guaranteeing integrated development for Moroccan youth.

These are education and training, which contribute to the acquisition and strengthening of individual skills and abilities and cultural development and access to sports and entertainment activities instilling the values ​​of modernity, openness, of innovation and creativity.

These axes also concern access to the health services and social protection necessary to maintain mental and physical health, economic integration and access to the labor market which ensure a decent life and contribute to the creation of wealth. , as well as contributing to the building of democracy and a harmonious society.


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