The DGSN denies the suspension of 17 police officers from Mohammed V airport

The General Directorate of National Security (DGSN) has “categorically” denied the reports published by some national media concerning sanctions against 17 police officers working at Mohammed V airport in Casablanca.

The information relayed by the media speaks of disciplinary decisions taken by the national security services which target 17 police officers who would find themselves temporarily suspended.

The media having published the information that the DGSN denies speaks of a clash between the police about a foreign traveler, as well as transgressions in their function.

In a press release, the DGSN, affirms that its denial wants to “enlighten the national public opinion and refute the erroneous allegations”.

“The General Directorate of National Security confirms that it has not issued any disciplinary decision against national security personnel working at Mohammed V International Airport in Casablanca, and that there has been no excess of function or litigation resulting from the situation of a traveler of foreign nationality, as indicated in the false information”, adds the same source.

And to continue that “the General Directorate of National Security, in refuting these data, also wishes to recall that it always takes the initiative to publish official communications and to communicate to public opinion the results of the research that ‘she conducts regarding the abuses attributed to her employees whenever there are real and not fictitious abuses. »


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