the best national average, 19.44 by Zaid Lahroussi, recorded in Ain Chock

With a mark of 19.44 out of 20, student Zaid Lahroussi who is continuing his studies in a high school in the provincial direction of Ain Chock in Casablanca, obtained the best general average in the baccalaureate for the year 2022 at the national scale, announced on Friday the Regional Academy of Education and Training (AREF) of Casablanca-Settat.

During the ordinary session of the baccalaureate for the year 2022, the Academy recorded a set of figures and quality indicators, she rejoiced in a press release, in particular that the student Zaid Lahroussi is registered in the branch of physical sciences, French section.

It is also, adds the same source, the number of admitted which reached 52,674 candidates, that is to say a success rate of 60.26% among the schooled candidates having passed this national examination.

The results recorded at the Academy of Casablanca-Settat were also marked by a rate of 52.46% of obtaining the baccalaureate with honors, in addition to a success rate among girls amounting to 65.71% of the total admitted.

On the other hand, the AREF indicates that the total number of schooled candidates to pass the remedial session is 39,252 students, against 11,490 for independent candidates.

The catch-up session will take place on July 15-16-18-19, 2022, and the related results will be announced on July 22.

The Academy also wanted to congratulate all the candidates admitted, while wishing them success in their educational and training path.

She also commended the efforts of all actors and stakeholders, administrative and educational executives, as well as local and security authorities, who contributed to the holding of these examinations in the best conditions.


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