The Azaitar Fair: Organize a raffle for me, I'll tell you who you are

The promoters of “Royal Donuts”, “Royal Burger” and “Chérie, Chérie” are organizing a new raffle to give away Playstations to those who would like to take part. They push individuals to become gamblers who can win or lose, just to fulfill their trades.

Do you think you are lucky? If so, you may be the lucky winner of one of the 4 Playstations which constitute the prizes of the new raffle organized by the owners of Royal Donuts, Royal Burger and “Chérie, Chéri”, the three businesses inaugurated last March by the Azaitar family in the marina of Salé.

The brothers are getting involved in their social networks to motivate those who would like to try their luck. Thus, Omar, the leader of the siblings, films himself in selfie mode in a large specialized store buying the 4 Playstations put into play.

Here he is in another excerpt pacing the aisles of the big brand, in a flowered shirt whose signature of the fashion house is so large that we can only notice it as it devours his upper back.

As if to prove that he had bought the 4 playstations and that no one had given them to him, he photographed the tickets and displayed them in view of his followers, as proof of this financial investment supposed to please customers to better them. to attract.

Like a bookmaker, he is supported in his perilous enterprise by the younger brother of the siblings, Ottman who, failing to sweat during a fight that is slow to come, does not hesitate to wet his shirt and give of his person. to fill up with participants and promise them that they will make bingo: “you are welcome, come and win”, he says with a forced smile in a story posted on July 12.

Feminine accessories, donuts, football tickets: no limit

This is not the first time that the siblings have used this game of chance as a bonus, a promotional tool to attract customers.

women’s accessories, donuts, burgers and even VIP tickets for the Morocco/Democratic Republic of Congo match which was played on March 29 at the Mohammed V sports complex in Casablanca. The provision (free) of these tickets by the FRMF had cringed in the world of football and even within the body which had granted, in troubled circumstances, this quota of tickets to veterans of the MMA .

Did the FRMF know that they were going to be the subject of a raffle intended to boost the frequentation of the businesses of Azaitar and thus, their turnover? Nothing is less certain but the fact is that this episode cast doubt on the credibility of the body and provoked a debate which must have given Fouzi Lakjaa gray hair.

The soufflé fell faster than it puffed up

Anyway, nothing is left to chance to try to fill the 3 commercial premises of former MMA champions converted into “business”. It must be said that the siblings have to worry because, once the show off launch of the 3 commercial sites has passed, once the curiosity has disappeared, once the will to meet these German-Moroccans who have found a way to fortune in Morocco, the soufflé falls as quickly as it swells.

The shops have been emptied of their customers from the first days and are experiencing sparse attendance. The only crowd that occupies the place is outside and not sitting down to consume, as Omar would like, who uses all means to give the illusion that it works.

Will the raffle which promises 4 Playstations to the participants allow the cash drawers to be relaunched? In any case, the image of pious men that the Azaitar strive to cultivate takes a hit with these raffles and these draws that are entirely based on chance.

What lesson in religion can we pretend to give when we push individuals to become gamblers who can win or lose? What life lesson do we give when we believe that fortune and success depend only on luck and chance?


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