the Assembly rejects a motion of censure of the left coalition against the government

The motion of censure tabled by the left-wing coalition, united under the banner of the New Popular Ecological and Social Union (Nupes), on Monday, was rejected by the National Assembly.

The motion of censure of the Nupes obtained only 146 votes, far from the 289 necessary for an absolute majority, while the presidential coalition has 245 deputies.

La Nupes tabled this motion just before the general policy speech before the two chambers of parliament by the chief executive, Elisabeth Borne, who had not requested a vote of confidence on July 7. A measure was doomed to failure especially since both the Republican right (61 seats) and the extreme right (89 deputies) had announced that they would not adhere to it.

“We will not join our voices to those of the far left with which we have nothing in common”, declared the deputy Les Républicains (LR), Michèle Tabarot at the podium of the Assembly.

“Everyone was able to count themselves” and “we will now be able to work”, reacted government spokesperson Olivier Véran to the press, stressing that “the Nupes congress is over” and that “parliamentary work will be able to begin “.

To bring down the government, the motion of censure had to obtain an absolute majority, ie 289 votes.

The coalition supported by the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron had lost its absolute majority in the National Assembly after the second round of the legislative elections on June 19.

The executive sees itself forced to negotiate alliances with the other political parties represented in the Lower House of Parliament. During her general policy statement, Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne pleaded on July 7 for a compromise with the opposition in order to avoid “immobility” and to “build together” on “each text”.


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