The 21st national festival of Ahidous from August 05 to 07 in Ain Leuh

The 21st edition of the national festival of Ahidous will take place from August 05 to 07 in Ain Leuh, on the initiative of the Taimat Association for the arts of the Atlas.

Organized with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Communication and in partnership with other organisations, this event is part of the ministry’s strategy aimed at preserving cultural heritage in its many expressions and manifestations and ensuring its continuity.

Having become an unmissable event for lovers of this authentic art, the national festival of Ahidouss provides for the participation of several troupes representing different provinces and regions of the Kingdom.

This edition, initiated in collaboration with the province of Ifrane and the municipality of Ain Leuh, also includes a conference focusing on the art of Ahidous led by academics and professionals in the field.

The National Festival of Ahidous will be enhanced by a ceremony in tribute to a host of artists of Amazigh popular arts in recognition of their contribution to the art of Ahidous.

This event aims to create a space for exchanges and meetings between poets, artists and researchers specializing in Amazigh culture, and to highlight the authenticity of Amazigh art and culture.


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