Sport for all: Sports activities for the benefit of 400 minor residents of the local prison El Arjat 2

The Royal Moroccan Federation of Sport for All (FRMSPT) organized socio-sporting activities on June 28 and 29 for the benefit of 400 minor residents of the local prion El Arjat 2, near Salé.

The organization of this event is part of the implementation of the partnership agreement linking the General Delegation of Prison Administration and Reintegration (DGAPR) with the FRMSPT, aimed at promoting the practice of sport within establishments, to protect the health of the residents and to prepare for their reintegration after their release.

The director of the local prison El Arajt 2, Ahmed Moumni indicated in a declaration to the press that the minor residents are the object of a particular attention within the framework of the integration approach of the DGAPR, noting that this sporting event, organized and supervised by the federal authority, took place in a festive and entertaining atmosphere and had a great impact on the residents.

He felt that these sporting and recreational activities would lessen the impact of detention and appease the young residents, especially since sport is a tool of discipline and a means of entertainment and communication.

For her part, the president of the federal authority, Ms. Nezha Bidouane welcomed the approach of the General Delegation of Prison Administration and Reintegration, seeking to make sport a means of preserving health and preparing for the reintegration of residents. after their release, in accordance with the royal directives aimed at promoting the social dimension in the field of justice and the rehabilitation of penitentiary establishments.

She noted that the programming of sports activities in penitentiary establishments is one of the means of reintegration and education of residents and a factor of balance and prevention of recidivism.

Workshops on different individual and collective sports were organized during this event.

Medals and prizes were awarded to the participants and to the educational staff of the establishment at the end of this socio-sporting event.

The Royal Moroccan Federation of Sport for All has organized several similar events in several prisons, including Khouribga, Azrou, Bouarfa, Errachidia and Casablanca.


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