Spain: The number of unemployed below three million for the first time since 2008

Unemployment in Spain is fell below three million for the first time since 2008. The number of unemployed fell by 255,300 people between April and June, the largest drop for a second quarter since 2018.

It thus emerges from the survey of the active population (EPA) for the second quarter published this Thursday by the National Institute of Statistics (INE), that employment increased by 383,300 jobs between April and June, an increase of 1.91% from the previous quarter, although this increase is lower than the increase of 464,900 workers recorded a year ago.

At the end of June, the total number of unemployed stood at 2,919,400 people and the number of employees at 20,468,000 people, adds INE, noting that the figure of 20.47 million people employed is the highest since 2008 and close to the all-time high of 2007.

In the second quarter, the unemployment rate fell by more than one point to 12.48% and the activity rate increased by two tenths of a point to 58.71%, after the number of workers increased by 128,800 between April and June (+0.5%).

Over the past year, unemployment has fallen by 624,400 people and more than 796,400 jobs have been created (+4.05%). In addition, the number of active people increased by more than 171,900.


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