Spain adopts the Marrakesh Agreement establishing the International Solar Alliance

The Spanish Council of Ministers has given the green light to the signing of the Marrakesh Agreement establishing the International Solar Alliance (ISA).

The framework agreement on the creation of the Solar Alliance was signed in Marrakech on November 15, 2016.

Spain’s membership of the International Solar Alliance opens the door to greater international collaboration in the field of solar energy, said Wednesday a press release from the Presidency of the Spanish Government.

“Being a competitive technology, Spanish photovoltaic solar technology offers significant international visibility to the efforts made in the field of solar energy, which allows Spain to be a leader at the institutional, industrial and technological level”adds the same source.

The International Solar Alliance, based in New Delhi (India), is an international initiative whose ultimate objective is to promote the use of solar energy in the energy mix of the participating countries in a way “safe, adequate, affordable and sustainable”.

More specifically, it aims to mobilize a billion dollars of investments necessary for the massive deployment of solar energy.

Originally, participation in the ASI was limited to countries rich in solar resources, some of whose territories were located wholly or partly between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn.

With the amendment of the framework agreement in 2020, all member states of the United Nations can apply to join the ISA. Currently, 106 countries are among the signatories of the Marrakesh Accord.


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