satisfecit in view of the facilitation of the entry process and the measures to come

Tourism is smiling with all those teeth lately. And for good reason the sky is blue, in view of the various positive measures that mesh with each other, in order to achieve the objectives set and by the supervision and by the professionals of the sector in order to get out of the doldrums of the tentacles of the Covid octopus and their consequences.

Thus, after removing the “PCR”, the authorities moved on to bolder measures by adopting the “electronic visa” for many countries. Morocco is also expected to put in place new measures to facilitate the entry of tourists into the national territory from July 10. The measure mainly targets about fifty countries of the European Union, America, as well as Canada, Switzerland, New Zealand and Australia… among other Nations benefiting from these facilities.

Also, with regard to the tourism sector and its activities, we rely on the latter and in order to facilitate the process of attracting tourists, knowing in this that the competition imposed by the international market is tough with regard to the simplifications of the procedures to which procedure of many rival countries in the matter if one can say so. Zoubir Bouhout, expert in this martyr sector of Dame Covid which is tourism, thinks, through a statement made to MoroccoLatestNews, that these measures are a real boon for the sector. He considered that the decisions taken so far are positive and that any mitigation measures, whatever they are, can only generate gains.

Zoubir Bouhout further estimated that “many foreign tourists gave up visiting Morocco because of the complexity of the restrictions which for the majority have now been lifted“. The tourism expert felt to back up the good side of the visa process that “the number of Chinese tourists, for example, had increased after the abolition of the “visa” to 44,000 in 2016, whereas it had not exceeded a few thousand before“. Zoubir Bouhout notes in passing that “the agreements made with airlines for their contribution to the flow of tourists were also a good thing for the revival of this important sector for the national economy“.

The expert underlined that the beginning of the summer season in Morocco is, one cannot, full of hope and expectations and that it is a breath of fresh air for tourism in Morocco. Forecasts and revenues for the month of May greatly exceed those for the same period as of last year. We are even expecting new increases in outlook with regard to the holding of festivals and international conferences for this favorable period, the summer season.

For his part, Lahcen Haddad, the former Minister of Tourism, stressed that the stage of development in which the Kingdom has embarked is important, particularly for the “Schengen” countries but also for others. Haddad in his statement to MoroccoLatestNews stressed the need to continue these processes and to move towards the generalization of the issue especially as personal data is now digitized.

The former minister added that the goal after this step, “it is the adoption of “smart entry”, which will facilitate arrival and exit procedures at the Kingdom’s airports thanks in particular to the digital passport“. He also noted that reaching the number of twenty million tourists is linked to the facilitation of the entry process for foreigners, stressing that the multiplicity of means of research and access to information makes the security aspect less fearful. arrivals from outbound markets that the Kingdom is diversifying for the good cause of national tourism.


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