Rising ticket prices and PCR tests increase the burden of MREs

At the time of the summer holidays, which this year coincides with Eid Al-Adha, many families residing abroad wish to return to the motherland and celebrate this occasion with their families after two years of health crisis. However, this desire came up against the soaring prices of transport tickets, in particular air travel.

Many Moroccans residing abroad (MRE) have found it difficult to come to Morocco this year for the summer holidays, given the high prices at all levels. Ticket, power supplies and the list goes on. The difficulties encountered by this category of Moroccans are not limited to that, there is also the obligation to carry out a PCR test in order to be able to return to the Kingdom for people who do not have a vaccination pass or even children over 12 years old.

In parliament, the deputy of the Authenticity and Modernity Party (PAM), Imane Lamaoui, expressed this suffering of MREs, noting that many Moroccan families “ find themselves this year incapacitated because of excessively high expenses”.

In addition to the high cost of travel and transport tickets, the parliamentarian added “ that there are MRE families made up of several members, and is obliged to do Covid 19 PCR tests, which undoubtedly increases the burden of these families with more unforeseen expenses“.

In a question addressed to the Minister of Tourism, the PAM Member of Parliament inquired about the measures that her department intends to take in order to reduce the high ticket prices for the benefit of MREs.

Parliamentarian from the Draa-Tafilalet region, Imane Lamaoui stressed, in a statement toMoroccoLatestNewsthat this price increase would affect the tourism sector, especially since it would discourage many people from returning to their homeland, especially in the face of more attractive European tourist offers.

Taking as an example the inhabitants of the south-east of Morocco that I represent. There is not a family that does not expect one or more people from its family from the diaspora. However, this increase in ticket prices will deter them from returning.“, she claimed, noting that “in these economic conditions that the country is going through, we must urgently facilitate the movement of our community, which has demonstrated its persistence and its help to its country, especially during the Covid-19 health crisis“.

For his part, Zoubir Bouhouth, an expert in the field of tourism, said that this period of the year is considered the peak stage, where the demand doubles compared to normal days, adding that this year coincides with the exit more or less from the pandemic which has deprived many MREs from visiting their country.

The tourism researcher explained, in a statement toMoroccoLatestNewsthat this period also coincides with the detection of problems in a number of low-cost airlines, and the observed escalation of their staff which precisely affects the transport process.

Bouhout estimated that the measures taken by Morocco, such as the provision of 6 million seats, discounts and payment facilities, in addition to the agreements signed between the Moroccan National Tourist Office (ONMT) and a group of low-cost airlines to increase the number of seats to Morocco, remains weak in the face of growing demand during this period.

Finally, he stressed that recourse to the program which King Mohammed VI ordered last year to be implemented in order to facilitate the return of MREs to their homeland for the summer holidays remains the last resort in the face of the inability government to deal with high ticket prices.


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