Polisario threats demonstrate its terrorist nature

The criminal organization of the Polisario movement, created and financed by Algeria, has repeatedly threatened to commit terrorist acts from the regions of the Moroccan Sahara. These threats have become recurrent since Spain, the former colonial power in the Moroccan Sahara, finally supported Morocco in the autonomy plan.

The new relationship between Spain and Morocco, definitively turned towards friendship, solidarity, cooperation and solid bases of respect, does not please Algeria and even less with the Sahrawi separatist movement created and financed by Algiers with the idea to threaten the territorial integrity of Morocco.

Spain’s support for the Moroccan autonomy proposal being a clear recognition of Morocco’s historical sovereignty over this territory, had the effect of a bomb in Algeria which immediately made it a matter of state. by declaring a diplomatic crisis in Spain hoping to change its position.

Except that Madrid took a sovereign decision and above all a state position that is not likely to change with governments. This is where the Polisario was called in to try to threaten the stability of the region, by making two announcements speaking of commando operations from the southern regions of Morocco by naming the targeted cities.

The President of the Council of the Region of Dakhla Oued Eddahab, one of the major regions of the south, El Khattat Yanja, responded to these announcements by considering that these threats from the separatist movement would be nothing more than a propaganda maneuver.

If carried out, they would mean a step closer to terrorism like the acts perpetrated against Spain between 1973 and 1986 and, in the end, the victims will be innocent civilians said the native of Dakhla, in an interview with the Spanish electronic daily LA RAZON.

The announcement of the separatist movement is very dangerous and constitutes a new adventurous drift and a radicalization of the positions which qualify it as a terrorist organization, estimated the Saharawi official who participated with the Moroccan delegation in the two round tables on the question of the Sahara, held in December 2018 and March 2019 in Geneva under UN mediation.

Such acts, if they were to occur, would have incalculable consequences and risk opening the gates of hell because it is a decisive element in the outbreak of a generalized military conflict in the region. We all have an obligation and responsibility to denounce and reject this serious intentional threat through premeditated acts of terrorism in areas with a large presence of civilians.

Yanja El Khattat said he was convinced that this is pure propaganda and will never happen, because, despite the allegations of opponents of our national territorial integrity, the situation in the area is controlled and appeased thanks to the efforts of the security forces. and counter-terrorism and the Royal Armed Forces (FAR). It is a suicidal strategy which goes against the will of the inhabitants of this region and which will serve no purpose in spreading terrorism and insecurity.

The Sahrawi official also recalled that these threats occur in a very particular global and regional context and after the diplomatic setbacks that the organization and its sponsor, the Algerian military regime, have suffered in recent times, especially the recognition of the sovereignty of the Kingdom of Morocco on its Sahara many influential international forces including the United States, the opening of consulates of many countries in Dakhla and Laâyoune and the very important support for the Moroccan autonomy plan.

Then speaking on the region he chairs, Dakhla Oued Eddahab, El Khattat stressed that he is well placed to ensure that the political and social situation is completely normal and that all political sensitivities coexist without any problem.

The September 2021 electoral process took place under completely normal circumstances. Participation in these legislative, regional and municipal elections in the southern provinces, which enabled the local population to elect their legitimate representatives, was very high compared to the national level and to previous elections, which shows the great attachment of populations of the south to Moroccan political life.

Morocco is a guarantee of stability and security in the region and it is quite relevant to multiply the good initiatives for a just and applicable solution to this artificial conflict over the Moroccan Sahara and to promote all actions aimed at generalizing peace. , security and prosperity for all the peoples of the region.

Unfortunately others strive to plunge it into chaos and spread war, hatred, poverty and terrorism because they do not want the regions of the Sahara to prosper. ” It will be nice to threaten the companies that invest in the Sahara, some of which are Spanish I can assure you that, despite this and the health situation that has affected the whole world, many investors from various countries have come to Dakhla to explore the investment opportunities that exist and take advantage of the facilities that our country offers to invest in its southern regions added the Moroccan official.

The Moroccan Sahara, he continued, is ” a land of opportunities and the possibilities to participate in the economic and social development of the whole area in sectors such as fishing, agriculture, tourism, renewable energies, mining and logistics are enormous and very profitable “.


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